When a client looks for a custom home builder, they want visually stunning examples of previous work, strong purposeful branding to give them confidence, simple contact methods, and a website that allows customers to absorb all that with maximum ease. Home Builder Website

As a thought leader in the design of beautiful and practical home builder websites, we constantly conduct industry research. This research allows us to absorb some of the best ideas in the industry and combine them with our own innovations to stay ahead of the curve.

As part of our research, we’ve uncovered some amazing websites that combine attractive design with easy-to-use functionality and we’d like to share them with you.

Paul Schumacher Homes

5 of Our Favorite Home Builder Website Designs

Clean and simple website design is always a good start for an architectural and home building company and the Paul Schumacher website is a minimalist masterpiece. Home Builder Website

Fronted by a looping video of happy families in beautiful properties, the website immediately gives you the core information you need to trust the brand: Paul Schumacher is America’s largest custom home builder with 19,000 homes built in 22 locations.

The rest of the website sticks to that understated theme, allowing the beautiful images in the virtual tours to build the user’s confidence without cluttering the webpage. Once you’ve made your choice, there a simple but obvious phone icon for their contact page and an unobtrusive live chat option.

Concept Building Inc

5 of Our Favorite Home Builder Website Designs

Client recommendations are one of the best things you can have front and center as a custom home builder. If people are trusting you with the home of their dreams, knowing you’ve made it happen for other people is going to put their minds at ease.

The first thing you see when access Concept Building Inc’s site is their 2020 Prism Awards Gold Winner’s badge for achievement in building and design and glowing customer testimonials.

The strong branding continues with great high-resolution photos of complete projects and smiling shots of Jeff and Alan to provide a sense of intimacy. The contact number is clear and upfront and the dropdown only has four items: testimonials, portfolio, contact information, and an about us.

As with the Paul Schumacher Homes keeping it simple always gives you a good signal to noise ratio.

Wayne Homes

5 of Our Favorite Home Builder Website Designs

The Wayne Homes site is a little busier than our previous too, but it does offer more functionality. Home Builder Website

There’s a blog on home building, a section where you can build your own interactive floor plans, an extensive portfolio broken down into areas, and even information on financing. 

If you’re the kind of person that needs a huge amount of freely available home building resources, then you’re going to love Wayne Homes’ site. If you’ve already got a firm idea in mind and just want pictures and a contact number, you might find it a little busy.

United Built Homes

5 of Our Favorite Home Builder Website Designs

United Built Homes tops their site with a scrolling banner showing portfolio pictures and strong branding slogans. Home Builder Website

The design is understated but impactful and the three menu options at the top, “how it works,” “home plans,” and “testimonials,” are going to be all the information most customers ever need. 

The site stays clean and clear as you scroll down, using box-outs for text alongside effective high-resolution images of custom-built homes.

Lexar Homes

5 of Our Favorite Home Builder Website Designs

Lexar Homes have a particular message that sets them apart from the competition, they build energy-efficient homes, and their website successfully emphasizes that at every opportunity.

Alongside a beautiful well-shot portfolio, you’ll find 3D renders of existing floor plans, a page dedicated to highlighting the health and comfort of their ecologically sound home, and some glowing customer testimonials.

The brand message always stays clean and convincing.Home Builder Website



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