The first interaction most consumers have with a business is based almost exclusively on an online interaction is their website.  Having a website, however, is not just a one off thing, but rather something to constantly upkeep, making sure that it remains relevant and useful.  There’s really not much that can make a business look worse than an archaic or poorly designed website so here’s some reasons a business should look at revamping their website for 2015.

1. The Website is not Optimized for Search Engines

Maybe you’ve heard of something called SEO and wondered if that should mean something to you.  If your company has a website this is extremely important.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is how search engines like Google are able to find sites.  Since search engines are a huge entry point for clients and many older websites don’t fair well in search engine rankings,  it’s an excellent reason to look at getting a new website.  Adding new content, new code, and using SEO are sure fire ways to move up in the search rankings.

2. The Site is Unresponsive

Probably one of the most important things to realize about websites is that they are now being heavily accessed by mobile devices such as smartphones.  Turns out websites only designed for a desktop/laptop experience do not work well for these smaller screens. If your site isn’t responsive, you’re likely losing a high number of leads and customers because there’s nothing that sends mobile users away from sites as quickly as poor navigability on their device.  Mobile design should be a top priority for all business’s with websites.


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3. The Website Relies on Flash

Flash is a simple way to build entire websites and some years ago almost every website had at least some flash related element.  This, however, is no longer a good strategy because Flash sites are notorious for running slowly, they kill SEO, and have limited usability on mobile devices. Moving away from Flash and its difficult and confusing navigability is a step in the right direction.

4. Heavily Text Based

If your business’s site uses mostly text or a small text, it’s time for an update.  These days people tend to shy away from pages that look like they’ll take a long time to read and having small text is frustrating for most users.  Increasing the font size and adding images to break up the text is a good step forward and, incidentally, a good way to improve SEO.

5. The Website Looks Ancient

Many old websites honestly look like they were built before the internet was even around.  Aesthetics have changed and these days people prefer images, sleek layouts, and easy navigation.  If your business’s website looks like it’s stuck in the 90s, consumers have no choice but to assume the business is too.  Take a look at elements like the logo, make sure new products and services are highlighted, and keep the website current so your business looks sharp and modern.

If a new website for your business is on your to do list for 2015 than reach out to the experts at Up And Social today.

Those are our top 5 reasons you need a new website for 2015, can you think of more?



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