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There are many instances in which an SEO agency can help small businesses. This post goes over five of the most prominent ones to give you an idea of when SEO agencies are particularly useful.

Situation 1: Your Mobile Website Needs Improvement

If you’re monitoring your website’s performance with mobile users—and you should be—then you might find that users either aren’t finding your mobile website often enough or aren’t taking the actions you want them to once they arrive. Bad mobile design, a lack of SEO, or a combination of the two may be the culprit. The good news is that an SEO agency or startup marketing agency can give web design advice that will both improve the user experience on mobile and your business’s performance in search rankings.  

Situation 2: Flat Website Traffic

If your business’s website traffic has gone flat, then entrepreneur and SEO expert Nick Eubanks suggests that an SEO agency may be able to help. For example, the agency will likely be able to perform effective keyword research—which can be surprisingly complicated—that will help get your website back in people’s search results. 

Situation 3: You Need Help Reaching Local Customers

Even if your business’s reach is strictly local, SEO can pay off big time. For example, take this hypothetical situation: A local law office might hire a Boston web design company to help draw in more clients. The right tactics can reach both Boston residents and businesses. In search engines, both groups are likely to look up terms like “Boston lawyer” and “lawyer near me.” To cash in on searches like these, the law firm needs its website to be in good shape.

Situation 4: You Need E-Commerce Support

On his blog, business expert Neil Patel comments that poor SEO setup can cripple a business’s e-commerce efforts. For example, something as simple as not writing a unique product description can absolutely tank an online store’s search-engine performance. URLs and other smaller elements also need to be tweaked for optimum performance. The takeaway: If your e-commerce endeavors aren’t going how you want them to, SEO may be able to help.

Situation 5: Your Conversion Rate Is Low

Perhaps you’re in this situation: Your website is drawing people to it, but they’re not buying your products or signing up for your services. In other words, your conversion rate is low. Multiple problems can cause this; for instance, if your website doesn’t match the expectations people have when they access it, they may quickly leave. In cases like this, an SEO agency can perform research to identify and fix problems.

Is your business in one of these situations or a similar predicament? Whatever your SEO situation, Up and Social, a Boston-based web design agency, can help with all of your needs. To find out more about our services, send us a note through our contact page or email us at info@upandsocial.com. Alternatively, feel free to call us at 857-496-5126. We look forward to helping your website excel! 



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