Blogging for your small business can be overwhelming.  However, with a little time and creativity you will come to find that blogging is quite rewarding. The one question we get asked the most about blogging, is “What should I write about?” Typically, after a certain amount of time has lapsed, you tend to run out of topics.  This issue is what stunts most small business owners from starting a blog in the first place.  Don’t let a lack of topics be a deterrent from starting your blog.  Blogs are very beneficial to your search engine optimization, customer engagement, social media campaigns, and new customer acquisition.  To aid in your blogging schedule, we’ve put together a list of unique and interesting topics that will help you defeat writer’s block.

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  1. Pictures and captions from behind the scenes.
  2. Discuss a New product launch or new service.
  3. Describe how your employees use your products or services.
  4. Highlight a customer.
  5. Highlight an employee.
  6. Talk about why you do what you do.
  7. Talk about your mission.
  8. Talk about your charity work.
  9. Talk about participating in the community.
  10. Share a few of your favorite reviews and why they meant so much.
  11. Cover a local event and relate it back to your business.
  12. Host an event or meeting related to your business and blog about it.
  13. Write about Office Parties/Business Parties/Customer Appreciation Day.
  14. Share what you are doing for theme days (Siblings Day, Administrative Professionals Day, Mothers Day, etc).
  15. Write about an interesting customer experience.
  16. Describe what a typical day is like running your business.
  17. Highlight a Promotion you are doing.
  18. Write about any awards won or local recognition received.
  19. Give your products or services a personality and write about what makes them stand out.
  20. Write about how to use your products or the best way to benefit from your services
  21. Describe how your service/product can be used in a unique way.
  22. Share a negative review, your response to it and what you learned from that experience.
  23. This one is a variation of #TBT – Write about how you got started.
  24. Week in review – write about highlights of your week.
  25. Write a series featuring one product/service per article.
  26. Write a weekly or monthly how to series about anything in your industry
  27. Write a response to another article or video about something in your industry (anything controversial can be beneficial if you can do it in good taste)
  28. Write about the latest news in your industry and your related thoughts.
  29. Feature a non-competing business that relates to your customers and tie the article back to your business (bonus points if you can get them to feature you on their blog).
  30. Write about interesting frequently asked questions you get from your customers or prospects.
  31. Write a about a problem you solved for a customer.
  32. Share pictures and talk about your experience at a trade show or industry event you recently attended.
  33. Share about your business culture – what you do for fun around the office, how you interact with your employees, etc.
  34. Write about your least favorite thing to do and why.
  35. Write about your most favorite thing to do and why.
  36. Share a quote that inspires you.
  37. Any art or interesting items on display in your store or office? Write about it.
  38. Write about your most popular product or service.
  39. Write about your least popular product or service. Can you think of an interesting spin to explain why it’s the least popular?
  40. Blog about a recent contest you ran and who won.
  41. Do you have an interesting company policy? Talk about it.
  42. Describe how you develop your products or services.
  43. Post a video testimonial from one of your customers on your blog.
  44. Post a demonstration video.
  45. Post your latest commercial or YouTube video.
  46. Interview a thought leader/influencer in your industry.
  47. Write about important safety measures or precautions your customers/prospects should take and link back to how your products or services can help.
  48. Post user submitted pictures of them using your products or services.
  49. Write about special ingredients you use in your products.
  50. Write about ingredients you refuse to use and why.
  51. Share your recipe for success.

Use these 51 topics above to help generate content for your blog. If you need more, there are many ways to generate content.  Go for a walk. Clear your head. Ask your employees, customers, and even friends for ideas. Ask your employees or favorite customers to guest blog. Writing can be a lot of fun and your articles don’t have to be super long.  When you get into the habit of writing it will be like second nature.  Just have fun with it!



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