Instagram is a huge platform with billions of users, and having 9000 followers is a significant figure. Recently, the number of influencer marketers have shot way up. Having a high number of Instagram followers will not only give you a place to voice your thoughts but generate a side income. Plus, if you reach an even higher number of followers, the pay scale is set to increase.

So, the question is how to get 9000 Instagram followers fast and free. Follow these tips, and you can find a chance to get there in no time!

#1 Find your Type of Content

There are several types of influencers or bloggers on Instagram. For instance, fashion, food, lifestyle, health, comical blogging. Switch to a business account and check which type of content gets the most reach or views using Instagram analytics. Check out different brands and get influenced first before beginning your journey of influencing. It’s always best to take some time and figure out if it’s working or not.

#2 Focus on your brand

Experimenting definitely helps, but make sure that in between the process you don’t forget to focus on finding your type. Don’t get lost trying to figure it out. Find a subject you love and make posts and reels about it. And most importantly, don’t make content other than your brand. A lot of influencers experience a loss of followers when they shift their brand type. Influencing is all about consistency!

#3 Stay Active

In the initial stage, people enthusiastically start influencing, but this fades away over time when they don’t receive a thousand followers in a day. You must post regularly and consistently. That’s not the only crucial part; you also must post quality, interesting posts. Also, engage with your present followers, reply to DMs, and Comments as soon as possible. However, if you spam way too much, the Instagram algorithm might block some of your actions.

#4 Do not participate in engagement or follow for follow loops

There are a lot of influencers who make groups and initiate a follow for follow or comment for comment chain. With this technique, you could gain 9000 followers, but your following will be the same too. There won’t be an honest fan following; the followers would be just for the namesake. So, take some time and have patience!

how to get instagram followers

How to get Instagram followers.

#5 Make genuine content and be honest

The audience on the platform would appreciate something raw or with imperfections. Remember that sometimes while you try making something appealing, the quality kind of deteriorates. The more natural you are, the easier it would be for you to gain followers. You may post some bloopers or behind the scenes shots.

#6 Don’t boast a lot

So, you recently bought a new car or a new home, definitely post about it. But, don’t make a huge deal about it that people get bored. People follow you due to your creative content, not because you got something.

#7 Post content promptly according to ongoing trends

When to post a certain reel or story? When most of your followers are active. It can help you get maximum views. Use Instagram analytics to check when you got the most views and post accordingly. Also, Instagram always has some or another trend going, follow those and increase your reach.

#8 Interact with fellow Influencers

Many influencers befriend others to increase reach. Understand that right now, you and that person separately might have 2 or 3 thousand followers, but altogether it is 6 thousand, which is quite beneficial for both of you. You can collaboratively share each other’s content and get raised views.

#9 Review your account

Check your account from a viewer’s point of view. Find things that might be missing, archive unnecessary and mundane content. Don’t forget to update your bio and use a search optimized keyword for your username so that your account appears at the top of the list when looked for.


9000 followers is a huge milestone but you can achieve it if you follow such useful steps religiously. You will most certainly achieve Instagram followers fast and free if you follow these bits of advice. If you have any more doubts or need more assistance on social media marketing, SEO, or content creation, reach out to Up And Social.



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