When blogging first came onto the scene it seemed like the best way to earn a living from home. It started out as a great way to get rich by concentrating on one topic that you were an expert on, but now the blogging world has become overcrowded. It is possible to earn real money blogging, but you have to take a realistic approach. Blogs just started to gain ground in 2003, but now there are almost 200 million blogs making this market much more competitive.

Fighting Over Advertising Dollars

It is possible to make real money blogging if you have a large amount of readers and can entice advertisers. Most bloggers look to monetize their site by setting up ads from major players including Google and Amazon. These ads are normally described as paid by post and depend on the amount of readers that your blog has. In the blogging heyday many top advertisers were paying close to $20.00 for every thousand readers, but this number has dropped substantially to about $6.00. This means that the blogging industry is not quite as locative and all bloggers are fighting over fewer advertising dollars.

Patience is Critical

You can’t start a blog and assume that you will strike it rich from the very beginning. It takes time to build your readers, which is what you need to go after the top advertisers. You will likely not be able to make a living quickly from just blogging alone. It takes time and dedication to make blogging a lucrative proposition. If you have lost your job don’t wrongly assume that blogging can be the answer to all of your money problems. It is possible to make money blogging, but it will take time and the odds of striking it rich from blogging aren’t really on your side.

Diversify Your Approach

Many bloggers that have been successful all put an emphasis in diversity. This means that you should not have just one blog that you focus all your attention on. You should look to become a guest blogger on other sites that are within your niche. This will open you up to a larger audience and give you addition cash streams. You can’t get complacent with your blog and must constantly look to expand what you are doing. Diversity will ensure that you have more available means of making real money through blogging.

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