Today industries are more engrossed toward device-driven technology and the construction industry is no exception. Although online marketing ensures a huge platform for construction companies to business, many still complain that it’s bottle-necked. Adding to this, the construction industry has its own share of challenges including high customer involvement, poor industry image, stiff competition, rapidly changing technology, and much more. Thus contractors, developers, or construction business owners are forced to get away with traditional hand-shake patterns and embrace construction marketing ideas. As today marketing is not restricted to selling or advertising, so along with construction business paramount concerns like construction, planning, and preparation — construction marketing should be a fundamental practice.

If you are not familiar with these practices or wish to update yourself with the latest construction marketing ideas to grow your business then keep reading this post till the end. Our six construction marketing ideas/strategies are:

Construction Marketing Ideas

Work on SWOT analysis: First and foremost, a strategic and thoughtful marketing strategy for your construction company can help you win the race with ease. SWOT is a combination of four steps analysis that includes Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that help to make a smart move. Here is how exactly you work on SWOT:

Strengths: It includes a set of questions where do you have a competitive advantage? What does your company capable of doing things in the best manner? How strong your organization is from the core?

Weakness: This includes where you lack whether its members, process, or management.

Opportunity: This includes an understanding of competitors’ weaknesses, what opportunities you see in your core business, and where you are stronger than your competitors.

Threats: For this, you need to be aware of the market’s existing challenges and can the new technologies can override your obsolete core business?

If not you but your business number can be omnipresent: Once you are done with your SWOT analysis it’s time for efforts. The communication gap is the biggest setback to any industry. So, the availability of your phone number to your client must be your topmost priority. Whether it’s Google searches, social media platforms(LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any other), a billboard on the street, or a flyer at the local market, your well-managed phone number should be tied everywhere with the name of your company. This can help your hard-earned lead to get in touch with them in no matter of time.

Show -up on Local search directories – Google is one of the most preferred local search directories and taking your business to google and make use of Google’s Local service ads. By doing in an appropriate manner your company with a “Google guaranteed Badge” will appear on the searchers’ searching result.

Your website must be helpful for customers – Your website is like your true image in front of your potential customers. Thus, coming up with a simple, interactive, easy-to-navigate, attractive website will help you to win half the battle and the rest half will be the information that you cover to make your customers feel satisfied. Do you know that 30% of customers do not consider a business just because you don’t have a website?

Past customers’ follow-up – To increase the trail of building the organic leads is to maintain the one you already have. No matter if it’s a smaller or commercial project which you have completed previous or last to last year, if the customer’s experience was positive then you can approach them to know about their upcoming needs in the future.

Prioritize customers’ testimonials and reviews always: Last but not least; especially in the construction industry, good reviews are the token for your honesty and hard work among your leads. To make sure that you are covering your bases you can make sure of:

  • Adding case studies and testimonials on the website.
  • For paid search and google campaigns have reviews configured?
  • Can come up with customer testimonial videos to promote across social media platforms.

In a nutshell: Covid-19 has sparked the construction business to re-evaluate the way it was carried. Giving a clear sign to paddle up your construction marketing strategies to meet the current industry niche. By working on the above-mentioned ideas you can overcome the unique challenges of the industry as well as funnel the opportunities of the competitors who strive to capture all the local market.



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