If you talk about web designing for a construction company, then you’d definitely need to stand out.

You need to choose a web design firm that specializes in creating a beautiful, quality website for construction company clients who can engage and interact with their customers. There are hundreds and thousands of construction companies out there doing business, and they are missing out on growing their business online because they do not choose the right web design firm that can help them take their business to the next level.

To help you get started, we have a few web design tips for construction company websites that will look amazing online. Learn more about it below:

1) Choose a simple yet modern design template

You need to choose the right website design template for your construction company. The template decides how your customers will interact with you. The user experience should be simple and easy to navigate across your website. A good construction company will always pick a suitable design template matching their business style. Be smart and think professionally at every step of the way to look for the best template. Up and Social web designing team also helps you choose the template that has better fonts, colors, large sections, and a clean user interface.

2) Easy Navigation

Think about what information your customers will want when they visit your site and then ensure that information is easy for them to find. Any information that isn’t critical can be left out or shuffled to less prominent pages at the back of the site.

When building a website, always think from your customer’s point of view and what information they are looking for in your website. You need to make sure that the information on your website is easy to find. So it is imperative that you choose a web design company that also writes amazing content and blogs for your construction company. This helps google search for relevant keywords and drives users to your amazing-looking website that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

What are buyers looking for?

When a user comes to your website, what do you think they are looking for? They might want to know:

How old is your company

What kind of projects you have done

Any past projects on your website

Read about your construction services and testimonials

Call to Action or Request a Quote Button to contact you

There is a saying as a web design tip: “that your website visitor should not be clicking more than twice to reach anywhere”. So if you have a large website with many pages, that’s going to require a HUGE navigation menu. So bringing back to your buyer’s perception, think about what kind of information they are looking for? What information do you want to show them? What insights will they take from your website? Figure out the important aspects and organize your navigation that are of top priorities.

3) Mobile Friendly and Fast

To make your construction company website design look amazing and fast it is vital to check your website page load speed and how mobile-friendly or responsive it is on users’ smartphones. If you have a construction company website that doesn’t load fast and visitors are not able to reach you on time, you’re losing potential leads or customers. If your website doesn’t load in 3 seconds the internet browser may abandon your site. And most importantly if your website is not responsive then you are going to have problems retaining your visitors. It is going to impact your rankings on Google and other browsers’ SERPs.

You can simply check your website on your phone or tablet to see if it is responsive or not. When you see your website is looking cluttered, tough to scroll, navigate or open your desktop website, then you should take action immediately to find a reputed web design company that can help fix the responsive issues. Also, there are many tools available to check your website’s page speed on the internet such as Google’s Pagespeed, GTmetrix, and will not only show the list of errors but give tips on how you can fix them.

4) The size of images should be proper

One of the most important aspects of any construction company website is images. This is a very common problem that construction companies usually face when it comes to website speed. Due to large size images, the website becomes heavier and may take forever to load a page. So showing your construction projects images can be a challenging task. 

But, do not worry there is a solution to every problem. This issue can easily be fixed by optimizing and reducing the size of your images. For WordPress, there are many plugins available like Smush that compress images and help your web page load faster. If you want your website to attract visitors and convert them to leads, your website should deliver a seamless experience. 

5) Keep Improving

For any construction company, if you think of a website design, development and launch should be a representation of your company and values that should reflect in it. For an amazing-looking construction company web design is the only way to achieve that through constant improvement in design and content ideas to help your customer look for information and give them the best user experience when they land on your website. So, the idea is to:

1) Create a construction company website that looks amazing

2)The internet is constantly changing, you need to keep improving with time and it is only possible when you choose the right web design company such as Up and Social. If not, like many other construction companies, you can get hung up building a website and that project takes months and months. By the time you decide to launch, you’re already behind.

6) Make Conversion Points Obvious

Minimalist color palettes with bold accent colors are in, and for good reason. Your construction company’s website is more than just a brochure, right? You want visitors and leads to take an action — call you, send an email, download a content offer, or fill out a lead qualifying form. Website design can help you out here in a serious way.

Use a combination of good color palettes with bold accent colors. To give a better look and feel to your construction company website choosing the right color depends on your brand imaging. To give that amazing look to your construction website design we help choose the right colors because we do not just create a brochure but we build a brand. If you really want your visitors to stay on your website to interact and engage well, use colors that match your company logo and brand that will drive them towards filling out a form. Therefore, a good-looking construction company website design will always help you no matter what.

7) Focus on function rather perfection

The important point to make a website successful is to keep doing improvements. Your focus should be to create a functional website rather than a perfect website. If you keep making changes to your website frequently chances are you will improve the user experience that will help you increase conversions. You can then see how it can impact your business digitally. It will take your business to the next level with the marketing strategy you will implement. When you have the right data you can deliver amazing results with the constant changes and improvements you’d make to your website with the help of your web design company. 

Even if you do not want to change the design of the website all at once you can make it a functional website that would serve your visitors better. You can attend to each inquiry received on the website and convert your potential lead into a customer. It is fundamental that you also focus on the function of the website along with the design because if the functionality of the website is poor then you may end up losing a potential customer.

I hope these actionable construction company website design tips will help you make your website look amazing. If you keep improving your website design and function, you’ll make it easy for your customer to navigate and give a seamless user experience!

If you have any questions or planning to build a construction website or design your existing website you can contact our Up and Social team and we’d be happy to assist you.

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