Up and Social is honored to work with Lopez, Chaff, and Wiesman Associates in support of their digital marketing goals. One of our latest achievements with LCWA, Inc. is the launching of their newest website, www.lcwainc.com.

The cutting-edge look of this new website we’ve developed doubles as a wealth of information for website visitors to find resources to improve their finances. The website also presents a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation. The design matches the brand LWAC, Inc has created which is a strong commitment to financial health for individuals and families. Also, creating a responsive website was imperative to make sure that every site visitor receives what they need from the website.

Lopez, Chaff, and Wiesman Associates offers assistance with bookkeeping or tax preparation, in-depth knowledge and expertise to guide individuals and businesses to a successful and prosperous future. The firm is made up of highly experienced professionals who make it their priority to help businesses and individuals become, and stay financially sound. Antonio Lopez and William Chaff formed Lopez and Chaff Associates in 1986, and later merged with Wiesman Associates in 1989; building their business and helping many clients achieve their goals. Each professional shares a common passion for using their accounting & finance expertise to nourish their client’s needs.

LCWA, Inc. believes that every business has an opportunity to achieve financial success by making educated and informed decisions. They ascertain what businesses need to reach its financial potential, and suggest tailored solutions to fit individual needs.

We believe that the online presence of a business is one of the first opportunities a business has to make an impression. This first impression happens within a matter of seconds. Therefore, a website is very important in making a fast and positive impact on potential customers.

Our goal with LCWA, Inc was to develop an online presence that can meet today’s industry standards as well as meet their individual needs. We developed a website that not only enhances their online profile, but communicates the spirit behind their mission – to help businesses and individuals experience financial freedom. The website seamlessly provides detailed information for current clients and those who might be looking for individual or business financial services.

The website features bold images, vibrant colors, financial resources and a look and feel that conveys knowledge and advancement in the financial services industry. One of the features we’re really happy about is the mobile responsive format that makes it easier for people to view their website online with a mobile device. The interactive main menu at the top of the site provides users with an easy way to navigate through a wealth of information about LCWA, Inc., testimonials, and a way for clients to send files electronically.

This new design combines simplicity and organization to offer an excellent user experience. If you are a business owner, an individual, a non-profit organization, in the medical field and more, consider Lopez, Chaff, and Wiesman Associates. You won’t be disappointed.



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