Disable Comments in WordPress

A blog can be a great way to market your brand or business by offering meaningful information to your target audience. The most popular blogging platform is WordPress, which is relatively easy to use. Once you begin blogging you will quickly realize that your comments section is beginning to fill up with comments that are not necessarily organic. If you are looking to get rid of spam from your comments section, you may opt to disable comments in WordPress.

Invention of Comments

The comments section in WordPress was originally designed to provide feedback. This allows you to connect with readers of your blog and get access to information that may help you better inform your target viewing audience. However, the comments section is now overrun with spam. The comments section changed forever with the invention of software that automatically adds comments to blogs at the same time. Many of these spam comments are marketing products or scams. The only way to fight against spam in your comments section is to get rid of it altogether. This is done most effectively by disabling your comments.

How to Disable Comments

Knowing how to disable comments in WordPress is something that every blogger will have to learn at one time or another. You might not want to disable comments for all of your posts, so you have the option to be selective. It is fairly straightforward to disable comments and get rid of spam for good. It is possible to enable or disable comments for each post as your create it. When you are creating a page in WordPress simply use the meta box to enable or disable comments. If you do not see the discussion box, you can just access the control panel to select “Screen Option” and then check the “Discussion” box.

How Do You Speed Up the Process?

If you are looking to enable or disable comments in WordPress the fastest way, you are in luck. You do not have to disable each post separately and can disable a bunch of posts at one time. For this method click the “Quick Edit” tab and then uncheck the “Allow Comments” box for the pages that you wish to disable comments on. This process is really simple and will save you a lot of time in the long run.

If your comments section is filling up with spam, you can easily disable comments in WordPress.



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