The millennial generation is completely different than generations of the past. Changes in technology have led to changes in how the generation operates. Wonderful things have happened as a direct result of this new technology but successfully reaching millennials can be difficult. Follow these tips to target millennials and other generations, too!

Offer Exclusive Promotions Online

Millennials are great at utilizing social media. In order to keep up with them, your practice needs to be great at maximizing social media’s potential. To do this, offer an exclusive promotion that can be obtained by liking your practice’s Facebook page or following the Twitter account. This is mutually beneficial to you, as you will be encouraging new patients to come to your office, and to the client because they are getting an exclusive coupon.

Stay Connected

    It’s no secret that phones are great for more than just making phone calls. Texting, IMessaging, and emailing are a primary way millennials communicate with each other. It’s also growing in popularity across all generations. Instead of calling clients to remind them of their appointments, a better way to reach them is by setting up text alerts or email reminders. This is an easy way to stay connected and make sure all appointments are kept.

Use Technology Wisely

    Smartphones have officially taken over desktops as the number one way to search online. It is so important for websites to be mobile-friendly because that’s how the majority of millennials, and other generations, will be viewing your site. If it does not function well on a mobile device, or isn’t aesthetically pleasing on a smartphone, your chances of gaining a new client from that site decreases.

Keep Posting

    When a Facebook page or Twitter account is inactive, it gives potential clients a negative impression of the business. In order to avoid that, all you need to do is keep posting updates of what’s been going on in your practice. Roughly one post a day will keep your followers entertained without overwhelming them and will tell your potential clients that you care about your online presence and overall professional image.

Making specific efforts to reach the millennial market can have a great impact on your dental practice. Contact Up And Social to learn how we can help your practice today!



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