Who could have imagined that Google+ would surface as an immensely competitive social network when it was launched back in June 2011 to meet the demands of a world that has turned into a global village?  Not only does this platform offer tons of social benefits, but also features technical support for business growth. The interface offers highly interactive sessions and data sharing, unlike most popular networks.

What makes Google+ different?

The most interesting feature that Google+ popularized was the richness in real-life sharing, by allowing users to connect better by stressing on similar interests and circles. Moreover, features such as the highly addictive Sparks, Hangouts and Instant Uploads add to the charm. Google+ also offers a mobile friendly experience with Messenger and Locations.

Other than the conventional use of social media for socializing, Google went ahead to introduce many key features to allow entrepreneurs and business oriented people to expand businesses efficiently by connecting a search engine optimized social network to local business listing. All these features allow users to develop strong networking via this platform for efficient marketing and Google rankings and hence eventually better scores competition wise. An average new starter could use some help learning the explosive benefits of Google+ for small and medium sized businesses to mark their presence and social visibility.

Starting off with Google+

Getting started with Google+ is simple, with countless opportunities for socializing and business alike.  The very first step requires users to obtain a Gmail account, followed by an easy signup on Google+. The account prompts users to update their profile by adding an appropriate display picture and then start navigating Google+ via the dashboard.

After filling in the necessary details, users can move on to creating a social network via Circles, which suggests relevant or known Google+ members to network. New and specific groups of members can easily be created using this feature.  Circles, especially shared circles, are a great way of creating groups of contacts for even marketing needs. Shared circles serve as pools of users interacting openly, widening their network and serving whatever their purpose maybe.

Moving on to the Google+ home screen, users can easily explore options such as Communities, What’s Hot, Hangouts on Air and much more. The most amazing feature to explore here is the Hangout that allows multiple-person videos and is a totally worth it online socializing experience. Explore Google+ further with Communities, Events and posts from circles to enjoy the great new multi-dimensional experience.


On October 8, 2018, Google announced it would be ending the consumer version of Google+ in August 2019, later changing that date to April 2, 2019. … The company moved the service’s shutdown date to April 2019 and said it would “sunset all Google+ APIs in the next 90 days.”



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