image1 (00000002)Social media serves a lot of purposes. It keeps us connected, allows us to spread information, and it also allows us to help good causes. The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and social media is continuing to spread the spotlight on this great cause. Here are some of the ways that social media helps Breast Cancer Awareness month:

Social Media Campaigns

Currently, there are many social media campaigns making their rounds throughout all social media platforms. These campaigns are aimed to generate awareness, create excitement and encourage participation through donations and sharing content. One of the most popular campaigns is the BCA Campaign run by Estee Lauder, which has recently added a social media campaign to accompany it. Another popular campaign is the Keep A Breast Campaign, which encourages people to wear clothing or jewelry with their logo on it, as well as post it to social media.


The primary way to encourage online circulation of these campaigns is through hashtags. Through using hashtags, users can easily click and look at what’s been posted by other users and companies. This encourages them to share the content and get involved in the movement. The BCA Campaign uses the hashtag #BCAStrength across all social media platforms while the Keep A Breast Campaign is #thisismypinkribbon. Each hashtag is widely used by many people online to encourage discussion and participation.


    Profiles that help Breast Cancer Awareness Month include links to the organization’s website or place to donate. It makes giving to the cause extremely easy because it’s only one click of a button away. Hyperlinks are also included which allows users to click on a word in an article that takes them right to the desired page. Donating online has become a primary way to donate. Social media continues to promote donations and awareness.

As you can see, we have included multiple hyperlinks in this article. Please click on these links to learn more about the different Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaigns and get involved. Be sure to use the various hashtags on your social media pages to continue this worthy movement.



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