How to get Google Reviews for your Business

There is no doubt that if you get more Google Reviews it can help your business immensely, in terms of providing greater online visibility, and helping customers make decisions about purchases. When you receive a number of positive reviews from customers, it can also seriously impact your search engine rankings, because Google takes into account the fact that customers have found your business to provide significant value and usefulness to them. The question is, how do you get Google Reviews from your customers, so that you can gain some momentum and get the ball rolling on your increased online visibility? Here are some methods you can use to obtain more reviews from customers.

Ask for Google reviews

To get Google reviews, one obvious approach you can use is to simply ask for them. There are several different ways you can go about asking customers to leave a review of your business, the first of which is to ask them after you have completed a job or service. You can also simply ask the last customer that you interacted with online, which hopefully was a positive experience for both you and the client.

If you have a customer’s email address you can ask them that way, or you could ask for a review once you’ve concluded a telephone conversation. You can even request that the user write up a review of your products and services when you send them a bill for them. The trick to asking a customer for a Google review is to not browbeat them or to pressure them, but to gently urge them to provide the desired review.

Show customers how to leave a review

Some consumers avoid leaving reviews simply because they don’t know how it works and have never done it before. You can overcome this by showing customers how to leave a review, and encouraging them to do so. Remind your customers that all it takes is to sign into a Gmail account, and to search for your specific business on Google, and then to click on Leave a Review.

Once they get to this point, all they’ll have to do is write up an accurate portrayal of their experience, select a star rating, and then submit their review. The main point is that a customer has to sign onto Google and navigate to your business listing before they can actually write up a review, so once you guide them through this process, they should be able to handle it with no problem.

Remind customers to leave a review

Another effective way you can use to get more Google reviews is to remind them once or twice to actually get to it. Remember that pretty much everyone is busy throughout the day and tends to forget at least a few things. In fact, most customers don’t immediately write a review after having had an experience with your business, and it may take a week or so before they actually get around to it. So that they don’t forget to write the review altogether, you should follow up with them within a couple weeks, and remind them gently to write the review. Everyone needs a little nudge now and then, so your customers won’t be annoyed by the reminder.

The Up and Social method

Some companies have made it very easy for you to get more Google reviews from your customers, by simply filling out a form and submitting it. Up and Social has devised a product called the “Review Booster” whereby you enter the client’s first name and their email address, and it will send that client a custom email, requesting them to provide a review of their recent experience with your company.


This can provide the most hassle-free way of all for obtaining more Google reviews from your customers. However you choose to contact your customers, it’s well worth your while to obtain their review of your business, because of the powerful impact it can have on your online visibility, and the trust factor which other consumers will have in your company. If you can secure a number of positive customer reviews, it can be solid gold in boosting your online presence, and increasing your search engine rankings. The review booster can be found on our top tier SEO package.



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