How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Instagram is fairly new on the scene, but it has gained a huge amount of users in just a short period of time. This photo sharing application has amassed more than 6 million users and all signs point to continued growth. Using Instagram is very easy and simply involves uploading photographs for your users. However, the big question involves knowing how to stand out on Instagram and gain followers quickly.

How to Get a Following?

You should think of gaining a following on Instagram as a process that does not happen immediately. You will likely not gain 1000’s of followers in one night unless you are a celebrity. The key to getting more Instagram followers is being patient and following a few tips that really work.

Only the Best

If you want to get noticed and gain followers, you have to focus on quality. This means that you should only post the best photos on Instagram and stay away from day to day images. Posting photos of your daily meals will not be an attention grabber and won’t capture interest. You need photos that are beautiful and captivating, but of images that are unique and innovative. So you shouldn’t really look at Instagram as a type of photo diary online; instead it should be an artistic platform. People on Instagram tend to respond most to beauty, which means that you should focus on attractive photos to help you gain followers.

Upload Sporadically

You need to be consistent with your photos on Instagram to ensure that your followers are satisfied, but don’t upload all your photos at once. It is best to spread your best and most appealing images out a little bit to keep your followers wanting more. Try to be a bit selective with the photos that you post and don’t flood your follower’s stream. If you post too many beautiful photos at once a few might get lost in the shuffle.

See What Works

You have the ability to monitor what works best on Instagram thanks to the help of a few useful tools. You can check the “Popular” tab often to see the types of photos that are making the most impact and generating the most buzz. Try not to simply copy other user’s ideas, but use the most popular photos on Instagram as inspiration. Pretty soon you will have a large following of your own.



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