Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites and it seems that everyone is joining in on the trend. Twitter is easy and fun to use but most users have the same complaint. Many are looking for more followers and want to know the most effective ways to get results. If you are not a Hollywood actor or a famous athlete, gaining Twitter followers takes a different approach.

Why More Twitter Followers Matter?

The reasons that more Twitter followers are important involve influence and social authority. If you want to be seen as an expert, your number of Twitter followers comes into play. The only way to have influence and generate leads or sales is to have a following.

Be Visible

Getting more followers on Twitter is a long process that will not just magically happen overnight. The first thing that you must do is show your face to your followers. This means that you have to do away with the egg and upload an image of yourself or your business. This type of photo will prove to users that you are legitimate and allow for a more professional vibe.

Add a Custom Page

Your Twitter Bio is limited to about 160 characters, which is too short to tell Twitter users about yourself. You need to create your own About page on a blog and then link this post to your Twitter. Be creative and unique with your custom About page.

Focus on Content

Besides showing and telling who you are. The easiest way to gain Twitter followers is to focus on content. This means that you have to make your Tweets stand out and offer resources that others will find meaningful. Focus on niche topics that are centered on your business and use links to be inspiring and generous. You need content that users will want to retweet, which is the key to getting more followers.

Consistent Without Flooding

Followers will not stay if you are not uploading regularly, but there is a balance between offering consistent content and flooding Twitter user’s timelines. You will not get more followers and will lose many followers if you are constantly tweeting. Your content will only be seen as meaningful if you are a bit selective. Make sure that you are posting numerous times each day, but take a break from constant tweeting.

What are some effective methods you use to get more Twitter followers?



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