Social media sites have been catching on like wildfire in recent years. This means that it is no longer a luxury to have a Facebook business page, but really a necessity. Facebook is swarming with millions of users each day and you can’t afford to miss out on the marketing and advertising opportunities that exist within this platform. However, the key to having influence and marketing success on Facebook is all about the number of followers you have on your Facebook business page. How do you get more follows with ease?

Be Consistent

If you want your Facebook business page to have social authority with a high amount of followers, you must post regularly. This doesn’t mean that you’re constantly posting 24/7, but you do have to post on Facebook multiple times each week or even day. If users do not see regular uploads, you will lose followers and will not entice new users to visit your page. New posts keep Facebook users coming back and are the most effective way to gain more followers.

You can gain new followers by simply adding a Facebook tagline to all of your print and media ads. Encouraging Facebook users to like your business page will ensure that new followers are aware that your page exists. Gaining more followers is all about spreading the word and letting Facebook users know your business exists in this social media realm. Offering incentives for “likes” will also help to give you an influx of new followers.

It is even possible to advertise on Facebook. Your ads will then show up on user’s page and will directly link back to your business page. Advertising on Facebook will also give you access to data that allows you to see the demographic clicking on the adds. This will help you narrow your target audience.

Engaging Content

Facebook is a platform designed for sharing content, but also a place to connect with other Facebook users. If you want to gain more followers, you must post meaningful content that is engaging and unique. This will help your business stand out and make you more appealing to Facebook users. It is important to be diligent and patient when you are trying to grow your Facebook business page. It won’t happen overnight, but if you are consistent you will gain new followers in time.



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