Everyone relies on Google to find the products and services they need to help them manage their daily lives. As a small business owner, you need to think how to use Google in order for potential customers to find you, and to do business with you. Once you actually have a website online, there are some quick and easy steps you can take to make sure that Google recognizes your business.

After that, it will simply be a matter of optimizing your website so that Google ranks you highly and returns your website on the first page or two of its search results whenever any users are seeking your products and services. Here are the steps you will need to take in order to quickly get recognized by Google, so you can start having Internet traffic directed to your website.

Submit Your Website To Google

Without you taking any steps whatsoever, Google bots would probably find your website anyway, since they’re constantly crawling the web looking for sites old and new. However, you can speed this whole process up tremendously by alerting Google to the presence of your website. To do this, you have to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console, and that will begin the process of indexing your website. 

You can find out whether your site has been previously included in Google’s search index by doing a site search that makes use of your URL. For example, if you are looking for Yahoo, you would simply enter in site:yahoo.com in order to check on the presence of that particular site. If this query returns pages from your website, then you have already been indexed by Google, and your site is known to the search engine.

Establish A Link Trail

Now you’re ready to start improving your site’s ranking on the Google search engine. This actually constitutes another method for getting your website known to Google, and that involves establishing links to your site at various places around the Internet. Whenever bots encounter those blue text hyperlinks, it essentially directs them to your website.

The best way to establish high quality backlinks is to generate content for other sites or blogs which are within your industry. This not only gives you the chance to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, but it establishes a link to your site so that all readers as well as Google, will be able to find your site more easily.

Make Optimal Use Of Keywords

Be sure to include keywords and keyword phrases on your website content that any user might employ in order to find your website. Whenever there’s a match between what the user types in and what is contained on your site content, it will cause Google to include your site in its search results. In essence, by including the appropriate keywords, you’re making your site more visible to Google and all other users on the Internet.

Manage Meta-tags

Another good strategy for getting your website found by Google is to manage your meta-tags well. These are snippets of text which appear in Google search results which give users a bit of a preview of your content. Whenever a query is typed in on Google, the meta-tags will be displayed in a specific format, which is the title tag in blue lettering, followed by a short blurb in black type which is known as the meta-description. Together, these two comprise the meta-data portion of your website content, and they are very effective for connecting you to Google and to Internet searchers. It’s a good idea to include relevant keywords in this meta-data to expedite the connection.

Make Your Site Mobile-friendly

As a small business owner, you are undoubtedly aware of the fact that the majority of Internet searches are conducted on mobile devices. That means it’s an absolute must for you to have your site optimized for mobile, so that it displays properly and without excessive scrolling. If you fail to do this and your site is poorly presented, most users won’t bother hanging around to find out more about your products or services – they’ll just abandon your site in favor of one which is better displayed.

Go Local

Google helps Internet searchers find products and services in their local area, and this is something you really must take advantage of. By listing your business in Google My Business, your company will be displayed along with others which are in the same geographic area. This is an essential way of mustering up business from local community searchers, and it may be one of your most important assets, because it generates the bulk of your actual business.



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