How To Get Your Construction Company To The Top Of Google

Your company’s website is your best sales representative. Most people research services online before actually buying. This makes it all the more important for your construction company to get to the top of Google. Now the very first question you might be having is, “How to get my construction company to the top of Google?” Well, here are some tricks that can help you rank on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Tips to get your construction company to the top of Google:

Recognize what your most searched vital phrases are

These show particular demands of your customers. For recognizing these, you can use any type of free or paid keyword tracking and planning tool. 

Clear your local SEO

Most of the construction companies are locally based. The best and most important way to get your company to the top of Google is by adding your location into Google’s local pack. It should contain your company’s name, phone number, and address. You need to optimize it according to your local search.

You need to optimize the headings

Google tends to read headings just like your brain reads anything subconsciously. In the first step, your brain goes through the headlines quickly. As a second step, your eyes scan the keywords. This is a concise span process, but it decides if you want to go on or stop. Google follows almost the same process. Optimization helps Google to read and understand your content easily.  

Get the best of your content

Use the most appropriate, highly commercial, and perfect keywords or key phrases throughout your content. You can find many key phrases ‘searches related to…’ at the bottom of your page. Use these phrases also in your content. Getting in touch with a company having expertise in Construction Marketing & Web Design is the key!

Optimize the images

Yes, you read it right. You can optimize the images. Select a descriptive file name. The file size should be small. Don’t forget to add an image alt-tag. 

Add in the advanced schema

This can be the perfect answer to your query – how to “get my construction company to the top of Google?” Schema is a kind of website code. This provides Google with more information and context for your page. The local business schema doesn’t take your company’s website on top, but it makes interpretation for search engines very easy. This increases the probability of being incorporated in the search results.  

Submit your URL manually

If you want to see your company’s website in the search results, Google has to do its indexing. Take an example of an invisible file closet. This closet stores every page ever uploaded on the internet. Google’s crawler takes a regular tour of this closet for alterations, new updates, relevance, and more.

External links

There are several factors Google uses for its ranking. Authority is one of them. Links from some other websites act as positive reviews. Links from more authoritative sites possess more value for your site. However, don’t ever buy links for this purpose.

Use social media

Social media can indirectly impact your purpose. Google takes note of frequently shared and cited content from social media. Consider every post on social media as a small webpage. The more authoritative and relevant you are, the more Google will notice you.


With so many businesses online, it has become very difficult to stay at the top rank. But, you need to be smart to use the techniques and get your construction company to the top of Google pages. If you still have the question, “how to get my construction company to the top of Google,” give a call to Up And Social today.



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