If you are running a business on the web or selling a product online, you must be aware of the actual potential of an ‘About Us’ or ‘Profile’ page. As soon as visitors land on your site’s homepage, they would most likely go to your profile page to find out how you are different or ahead of your competition. Writing a highly converting ‘About Us’ page takes time and effort.

A well crafted About Us page does an amazing job of supporting the other goals of a website. That’s why writing this page needs serious attention.

Is your About Us page written in a way that allows (or compels) users to seal the deal? Studies have shown that most large, medium, and small scale companies do a poor job of conveying the right kind of information through the Profile or the About Us page.

If you are ready to make your About Us page a great sales pitch, given below are some key tips to help you write it effectively and impressively.

Collect the Essential Data

Before you start writing that killer About Us page or the Profile page, accumulate all the essential information, facts, and figures which is required to build credibility among users. If you are not sure how to get started, consider the following important questions.

  • When was your company founded?
  • Most importantly, why was it founded?
  • Who are the people that constitute your company’s top management?
  • What are your company’s future goals?
  • How does your company contribute to the community?
  • What associations is your company affiliated with?
  • What special skills or qualities set you apart from competitors?
  • What’s your company’s current status?
  • What are your company’s key achievements?
  • What do clients have to say about your products or services?
  • How do you want to solve your audience’s problems?
  • And where are you located?

This is the first crucial step in creating an About Us page that converts users and seals the deal.

Decide What You Want to Share

Companies may not want to share all their important details. So, the second step is to decide what information you are going to convey to your readers. Since users want to gain a sense of your company, they will be interested to know the basic facts and details. Share those facts that will help you build credibility and gain the trust of your target audience.

How Do You Want to Communicate?

After you are ready with the facts and details that you want to share, the next step is to know how you will communicate with your audience. Think about the key elements that can make your About Us page or Profile highly effective. What kind of photographs are you going to use? Are you going to include graphs and charts with your writing? Will you add videos (of products, services, or events) to engage users?



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