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Dental marketing has evolved in many ways since it first began. From paid ads to organic search engine optimization, dental marketing strategies are constantly changing to keep up with evolving industry trends and technologies, all in an effort to maximize ROI and put more money in your pocket. Here’s how our dental search marketing services can help you do just that.

Marketing For A Dental Practice

For most dentists, marketing and advertising is an afterthought – they simply don’t think about it at all. If you’re one of those dentists, we encourage you to give our Digital Marketing Consultants a call. Our clients see average monthly growth as high as 49% following a proper digital marketing audit. To start, let us take a look at your website, local search visibility and review what you are currently doing in terms of online ad spending. Once we know more about your practice needs, our team will provide recommendations on where to spend your money most effectively based on competitive analysis data in addition to industry trends that are affecting competitors who are outperforming their peers. More importantly though…what is next for you when it comes to gaining exposure for your practice online? Is there something new out there that can help turn things around? We can certainly help with that too! Let’s talk.

Dental Paid Ads Overview

Paid ads are a great way to improve search rankings for keywords relevant to your practice. But you need to be strategic about it—don’t just throw money at ads and hope they work. To make paid advertising work, keep these three things in mind: Make sure you have a Google My Business page with as much information as possible on it. Include your business name, address, phone number and website URL, along with any specialties or unique services you offer. These details will help Google surface your business when someone searches for a specific service or treatment area. Be sure that all of your practice locations have accurate information on their own Google My Business pages so they appear when people search from those areas as well.

Paid Ads for Dentist

It’s unlikely that people are searching for dentists on Google, Bing or Yahoo! They’re most likely searching for teeth cleaning near me or tooth infection near me. That said, paid ads are still an effective way to drive traffic to your website. You can run targeted Google AdWords or Facebook Ads directly to your practice page. This is a great option if you have a limited budget but want to reach as many people as possible in your area. Consider including keywords like dentist, cosmetic dentist, dentistry, and so on into ad text or negative keywords within your campaigns.

Organic SEO For Dentists

In addition to increased visibility in search engine results, organic SEO for Dentist also offers a number of other benefits for dental practices. For one, it provides a more natural way for prospective patients to find you. People searching online for dentists may not be looking for a specific company or business but rather need general information about what goes into a dental appointment. By utilizing organic SEO, your business is surfacing right alongside of major search engines when consumers are performing non-commercial searches that point towards dental treatment. This is often where people who aren’t aware of local businesses turn to when trying to determine which dentist they’d like to visit.

What Does Organic SEO Do?

For most dentists, organic search engine optimization is a great way to grow new patients—even if you’re already doing pay-per-click ads. But there are a few situations where paid search marketing makes more sense. For example, if your practice is in a competitive market that’s saturated with dental offices already advertising on Google, then it might be better to focus exclusively on PPC instead of spreading your budget too thin between SEO and PPC. In addition, if you have a website where visitors can schedule appointments or get more information about your practice (via contact forms or through filling out patient intake forms), then you should spend some time learning how to set up tracking codes so that you can measure ROI from both SEO and PPC.

Is Organic SEO Right For My Dental Practice?

There’s a lot of debate over whether organic search engine optimization is worth it for dental practices and dentists. While we’re sure you’ve seen your fair share of Google results where sponsored ads appear at, or near, the top of SERPs (search engine results pages), we think paid advertising still has its place. The trick is knowing when and where to use it. Read our post Is Organic SEO Right For My Dental Practice? to get an idea of when paid ads are worthwhile and when they aren’t. If you need more advice on SEO best practices for dental practices, give us a call!

Dental Website Designs Engineered To Get You More Patients

Your old website could literally be costing you thousands of dollars each month! If your dental practice website is not responsive and great looking what type of image are you portraying to a potential patient? We create modern, responsive and beautiful websites for dentist nationwide who want to look as professional online in the short amount of time they have.

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