Up and Social is honored to work with BayState Cleanout in support of their digital marketing goals. One of our latest achievements with BayState Cleanout is the launching of their newest website, www.baystatecleanout.com.

The modern and vibrant look of this new website utilizes strategic colors to convey the message of cleanliness, integrity, and quality that their customers have come to know.

BayState Cleanout is a full service junk removal company that does the work for you by eliminating the draining, time-consuming chore with our trained, professional team. BayState Cleanout provides the Northshore area with professional, fast and eco-friendly junk removal services.

Our goal with the BayState Cleanout website was to create a presence online that competes with today’s industry standards while also addressing their business goals. As a result, we developed their website to be extremely fast loading, mobile responsive, and clean.  The website also features big, bold font with eye-catching colors designed to quickly demonstrate to the visitor how BayState Cleanout can solve their needs.

One of the main objectives for building this website was to provide a way for customers to book services online. Therefore, we included a vibrant and eye-catching call to action button on every page as well as on the navigation bar.

The website also features a full list of services in a way that is easy to find. One of the major pillars of a good website is the user experience (UX). Therefore, going into this project, we wanted to ensure that the website made it easy for customers to find information, answer their questions, and help them resolve their issues quickly. We mapped the BayState Cleanout website to address these points head on. We included an FAQs section that answers common questions. We included a listing of services offered and different options potential customers can take. We also included a large contact form in case website visitors need more information.

Other prominent features of the website include pictures of the BayState Cleanout team in action, a blog, testimonials, and a navigation bar that never goes away, which helps customers consistently navigate through the website with ease.

In addition, another one of the features we’re really happy about is the mobile responsive format that makes it easier for people to view BayState Cleanout online with a mobile device. We use bold black and green colors combined with white space to communicate the strength, quality, and cleanliness in which the BayState brand stands for.  All in all, this new website ensures that every site visitor receives exactly what they are looking for and BayState Cleanout addresses their goals.



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