What good is a landing page if no one knows that it exists? Does your landing page entice online users to keep reading? Do you have a call to action that helps to increase conversion rates? All of these questions speak to the concept of landing page optimization. Landing page optimization involves having increased online visibility and a design that is easy to navigate.

What is a Landing Page?

Before you fully understand the most effective landing page optimization techniques it is important to know exactly what a landing page is. A landing page is the first page that an online user is taken to when they click on your website. Not everyone that lands on your landing page will visit your actual website. The goal of your landing page is to entice viewers and ensure that they do in fact complete your call to action.

What Does Landing Page Optimization Entail?

Landing page optimization involves the process of designing your site with conversion rates in mind. This means that you want online users that visit your landing page to engage in your site. Conversions do not always have to be the sale of some product or service and might be as simple as clicking a specific link. No matter what type of conversion you are looking for, your landing page should be optimized to yield results.

Why Does It Matter?

Landing page optimization is so important, because only a small percentage of visitors will actually convert. Research shows that only 5 of every 100 visitors to your page will be converted. This might seem like a low percentage, but this is the expected rate if you focus on optimization. If you do not optimize your landing page, you can expect worse results. Since conversion rates are so low, you must take advantage of landing page optimization to help slightly.

Knowing Your Target Audience

The only way to effectively optimize your landing page is to fully understand your visitors. Every visitor to your landing page might be different, but they are often looking for the same thing. Visitors to your site are looking for assurance that you have authority to provide meaningful information and that you offer high quality designed to provide user satisfaction. Having unique content and making the ideal first impression with your landing page is the best way to increase conversion rates and make sure that visitors actually complete your call to action.



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