There are some websites and corresponding businesses that rely on flashy graphics and cool layouts — perhaps a fashion designer, tech company, architect or band. Construction companies aren’t necessarily one of them. When someone searches for a contractor, they are looking for someone who is reputable, experienced and can do the job right. They want information on what the construction company provides, maybe check out a testimonial or two, view some past projects, and know where to call for a free estimate.

As a construction company owner, you want to deliver those basics to your customers and potential customers simply and succinctly. That’s not to say your website shouldn’t look professional. You need the right blend of content and design to pique the interest of your visitors and hopefully convert them into customers. For that, you’ll need to hire the right website designer for the job — someone who focuses on businesses like yours.

The main goal of your website to distinguish your firm from other construction companies, says Entrepreneur. It’s not enough to detail your company history; you have to be specific by letting prospective clients know the benefits of doing business with your firm as opposed to any of the competition. What sets you apart from all the rest? Here are some things to think about in regards to construction company website design.

A Unique Approach

Just like website designers, good construction does not come cheap and cheap construction is certainly not a good thing. That’s why you should avoid designers that work with generic cookie cutter templates as the basis of their design. These cheap sites aren’t optimized for search engines, and a good website is nothing without optimization these days. A professional who can improve your image and design as well as your SEO is critical. That’s because your website design doesn’t stop at the layout, pictures and graphics. It starts with the content. Any good designer will have an equally good writer working behind the scenes to ensure your content is written in such a way that it will rank high in major search engines.

Anyone with a hammer and some nails can technically call themselves a contractor. What you have to do is distinguish yourself from the fly-by-nighters and emerge as the premier construction firm in the area. One way to do this is to incorporate testimonials. Be sure to provide these to your web designer and make sure they incorporate them. Providing past clients’ feedback offers prospective customers validation that your business is credible, plus it distinguishes your abilities from the less-experienced firms.

Other tips when choosing a web designer for your construction firm:

  • Choose a firm that offers responsive web design to give your customers and visitors versatility no matter which device they’re on.
  • Look for one that has experience solely in creating websites for your industry. Many web designers have niche specialties and are hyper local to one particularly area. Up and Social, for example, works within the Boston area and specializes in creating dental and construction websites.

Use these tips to help guide you in your search for reputable construction company website design.



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