3 Ways to genuinely market your product using social media platforms

If you are looking to market your products and services on social media, you may find it difficult to come off authentically and genuinely.  After all, you don’t just want to dive into your users news feeds and only talk about your products; you may run the risk of coming across self-indulgent which is a ‘no no’ in the social media universe.  Highlighting your products and services in an authentic and strategic way can be difficult, but these three tips can help you navigate your way through this sticky territory.


Feature Customers Using Your Products: Have customers found creative, interesting, new ways to use your product?  Or perhaps they have a great artistic touch and took a great photo of your product or service in action.  Posting and sharing these user-submitted material is great way to build ‘social proof’ for your business.  After all, its one thing for you, as your brand, to say your services and products are great, but it’s another thing altogether if a potential client sees a current client enjoying their experience.


‘Pose’ Your Products: Instagram is quickly turning into the next e-commerce platform.  What’s really interest is that Instagram doesn’t inherently have a payment option built in, so it’s not really an ecommerce platform…but people are buying and selling things simply through commenting and ‘hearting’ images.  Why?  Because on Instagram you have the ability to present your products to your consumers in a very visually appealing way with all of Instagram’s many features and photo effects.  Using unique images and a combination of filters can really help to spice up the appeal of your product and make it more appealing to the consumer’s eye.

Use social media to show off customer reviews and testimonials: There’s no better way to market your products and services by bringing your positive testimonials and reviews front and center for new potential clients to discover.  Every positive review that you get should become fodder for your social media content calendar: we suggest posting a testimonial at least 3 – 4 times per month.  This is another way to help build social proof and credibility for your business.  Encourage your customers to send their reviews in directly to Facebook (you can find the ‘Reviews’ section on your business Facebook page) and institute a policy at your company that asks every customer who has a positive experience to comment about it on your Facebook page or Tweet at you.

These three ways are great first steps to getting started with selling and marketing your products on social media.  Don’t forget, social media shouldn’t be used with the goal of selling your products, but for connecting with your customers.  Approach your product and service highlights with the purpose of educating your consumer and you’ll find that social media marketing will come much easier and your content will be much more authentic.



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