As a small business, you don’t have the time or resources to be tracking down leads all day long. Instead, you would be better served by forging lasting relationships with existing and potential customers. That’s where marketing automation comes in, particularly in the form of Infusionsoft — a provider of marketing automation software that transforms how you work to achieve higher engagement with less hassle. In a nutshell, marketing automation is beneficial to your small business because it assists you with customer segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management — all in one central place.

Why Marketing Automation?

Essentially, marketing automation makes processes that would otherwise have been done manually more efficient, quick and effective. It’s a critical piece of the customer relationship management puzzle as personalized way to convert prospects to customers and turn customers into loyal ones. Bottom line is, marketing automation provides your small business with the useful digital marketing tools it needs to streamline and simplify time-consuming responsibilities.

There’s so much you can do with marketing automation software like Infusionsoft, with just a few of them being the ability to:

  • Determine who’s visiting your website and how often they’re doing so
  • Offer a discount to your most promising leads without having to customize every single email yourself
  • Track who is abandoning their shopping carts, all automatically

With competition today in the business landscape at cut-throat levels, you need to find a way to get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible. You won’t last long if potential customers have no idea that you exist or what you can offer them. Getting yourself noticed means you need effective data management through marketing automation technology.

List of marketing automation benefits:

  • Productivity: Simplify routine organizational and marketing tasks to boost productivity as you put more focused attention on tasks that require more stringent manual monitoring, says Business 2 Community.
  • Workflow automation: This ties all assets together, from CTAs to conversion pages.
  • Versatility through all channels: Your marketing automation hub can work seamlessly across all different marketing platforms, including email, SEO, CRM tools, and social media.
  • Revenue increases: Experience up to a 20 percent increase in sales opportunities via nurtured leads.
  • Customer Retention: Because it costs less to retain your existing customers, you can use this insight to essentially predict what your customers want.
  • Tracking and monitoring: Keep track of marketing costs while monitoring responses to your campaigns based on whether they work or not.
  • Relationship marketing: Personalize your relationships with customers, prospects and leads through lead qualification, trigger campaigns, lead-scoring models, and sales and marketing alignment.

Benefits of Infusionsoft

Yes, you need marketing automation to make your business life easier. Yes, you can’t afford the time and resources to track everything manually. Yes to all of that. However, not all marketing automation software is created equal. The success or failure of your campaign can very well rest on the shoulders of the software brand you choose to partner with. Infusionsoft helps you market smarter, not harder, which is what you need to grow sales faster and nurture your customer relationships.


With Infusionsoft, you’re get CRM integration which allows you to use contact information to personalize emails and spur your customers to act. In addition, autoresponders can send a series of seamlessly personalized emails, with easy-to-update databases that change as you do.

Landing Page Builder

Capturing user data is easier than ever with landing pages and web forms that allow you to connect through professional branded landing pages for various campaigns. You can also make quick changes without the need to consult with a developer, test pages, instantly publish pages, and boost online visibility through SEO.

Website Tracking

Infusionsoft tracking tools allow you to depend on real data to make better decisions. You can:

  • See which visitors, contacts, and paying customers visited your pages
  • Determine how many new customers you gained thanks to your latest online adjustments
  • Track visitor activity throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Pinpoint browsing trends
  • Learn average time on page per visitor

Statistics and Reports

You can collect and analyze data on emails sent, refine your marketing strategies to stretch your dollar even further, evaluate ROI, and view campaign results on the go.

Experience Infusionsoft for yourself to see how it works. Join the 100,000 users who already know the value of growing their businesses on the Infusionsoft sales and marketing automation platform.

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