Up and Social is honored to work with Capital Equity Partners in support of their digital marketing goals. One of our latest achievements with Capital Equity Partners is the launching of their newest website, Capequitypartners.com.

The cutting-edge look of this new website utilizes brilliant, eye-catching colors and a responsive design to convey the industrial, and high-quality strategies their investors have come to know.

Real Estate Web Design

Capital Equity Partners (CEP) is a real estate syndication firm that develops and executes investment strategies backed by real estate. CEP has had years of success operating both long-term and short-term offerings that have resulted in repeated investments from their existing clientele.

Our goal with CEP was to develop an online presence that can meet today’s industry standards as well as meet their individual needs. We developed a website that is organized through a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation. The website seamlessly provides detailed information for both current investors and prospective clients.

The website provides a password-protected site for current investors to log in and view current inventory and their private account information and history. It also allows investors to complete various tasks associated with their account.

The front end of the new website provides an easy way to communicate with CEP along with an offer to review their latest prospectus. Other prominent features of the website include an attractive display of their most recent projects as well as blog posts delivering latest news in the industry. For example, see their latest blog about the National Multi-Family Outlook of 2018.

The challenges CEP encountered with their original site provided us a roadmap to develop a newer website that would both enhance their image and convey their investment principles – industry expertise, market knowledge, and growth. One of the features we’re really happy about is the mobile responsive format that makes it easier for people to view them online with a mobile device. The top, side and bottom menus also allow for easy navigation throughout the site. Lastly, the organization and simplicity of the site layout provides an excellent user experience. These modifications ensure that every site visitor receives exactly what they are looking for.



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