For a business that’s been around for 25 years, and has provided excellent group transportation service to the Boston and New England area that entire period, the time finally came to upgrade their website, so as to stay in sync with modern times. Although the basic transportation needs have not changed much in the past two decades, the way people search for and find the best provider on the Internet has definitely changed. The content offered on the new Local Motion of Boston website has been updated, to be a better reflection of the kind of information that potential clients need when trying to reach a decision.

History of Local Motion of Boston

Local Motion of Boston was founded in 1993, and since that time, the company has come to earn a reputation as the area’s most reliable and professional transportation service. Starting out by servicing school groups, community organizations, and church groups, the care and attention to detail which characterized our service quickly made Local Motion of Boston an area favorite for group transportation. By fulfilling a legitimate need in the community, in a manner which parents and other groups could have total confidence in, Local Motion of Boston established itself as a new force in group transportation.

As demand grew for Local Motion of Boston services, the company fleet of buses, vans, and motor coaches has grown right along with it, always with a view toward providing the most comfortable experience for clients, and for being the most dependable service in the region. The company has now expanded to the point where it makes over 300 trips every day, serving clients which include high school students, students from major universities, corporate personnel, wedding parties, and athletic teams.

The New Website

One of the biggest reasons for launching this brand new Local Motion of Boston website is the fact that it was necessary to re-focus the site information on the true mission at Local Motion of Boston, which is to provide comfortable, stress-free transportation to all patrons. It was also necessary to reiterate some of the reasons why Local Motion of Boston is the best provider of group transportation in the region. The company has stayed in this area for 25 years partly because the company officials simply love the New England area, and are so knowledgeable about the routes and local travel quirks, that they want to put the knowledge to best usage.

In addition to including content which explains their love of the area, and their company origins, Local Motion of Boston has outlined all their specialties and the types of groups which they can accommodate, as well as all the vehicle types in their fleet. This can be very useful data for someone trying to arrange transportation for a group, because you’ll know exactly what kind of vehicles are available to do the job. An entire section on the customer service which is extended by the firm is also listed, so any organizer or planner knows the kind of assistance which is available.

Anyone interested in a career with the company will have the opportunity to view the current job postings, and there is a contact form on the site as well, for the purpose of making any appropriate inquiries. All this wealth of information is provided to users in a slick new format, which makes the best use of high-quality graphics, relevant and useful content, and which is all laid out in a format that’s very appealing to all visitors.


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