Baraldi Construction Website Design

Transforming Baraldi Construction’s Digital Presence – with a Custom Website and SEO Strategy

Project Details

The Client

Baraldi Construction Website Design


Customized Design, Web Development, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Mobile Friendly

The Story

Baraldi Construction, a leading general contractor specializing in preconstruction, construction management, and various construction services, faced challenges in improving its digital footprint and capturing high-quality leads online. Partnering with our team, we developed and launched a custom, mobile-friendly website integrated with a strategic SEO plan focused on general contracting SEO keywords. The new platform has significantly increased Baraldi Construction’s online visibility, enabling them to rank for high-quality keywords and attract valuable leads.

The Challenge

Prior to our involvement, Baraldi Construction had a limited online presence, which severely impacted their ability to attract new business via the web. They lacked a website that could:

  • Showcase their range of specialized services
  • Adapt to mobile devices for a better user experience
  • Optimize for search engines to improve rankings
  • The Solution
  • Customized Design

Understanding the unique needs and expertise of Baraldi Construction, we designed a customized website that is not just visually appealing but also highly functional. The design reflects their brand ethos and highlights their specialized services in preconstruction and construction management.


With a significant number of users accessing websites via mobile, a mobile-friendly design was paramount. The new website features a responsive design that adapts to various screen sizes without compromising the user experience.

SEO Strategy with Focus on General Contracting Keywords

Leveraging our expertise in general contracting web design and SEO, we conducted keyword research to identify high-quality keywords that potential clients are likely to use. The SEO strategy was then aligned to target these keywords, particularly focusing on general contracting SEO.

The Results

Improved Online Visibility: The website now ranks for several high-quality keywords related to general contracting, preconstruction, and construction management.

  • Increased Web Traffic: There has been a significant uptick in the number of visitors to the website, thanks to the SEO optimizations.
  • Lead Generation: The optimized website and targeted SEO strategy have led to an increase in high-quality leads generated via the web.


The custom, mobile-friendly website and targeted SEO strategy have revolutionized Baraldi Construction’s digital presence. By focusing on general contracting web design and SEO, the company now enjoys improved rankings, increased web traffic, and most importantly, a higher number of quality leads. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of a well-executed digital strategy in the construction industry.

Baraldi Construction Website Design
Baraldi Construction Website Design

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