Estate Planning Website Design Idea: Secure and Simple Solutions

Case Study: Advanced Legal Planning – A Beacon of Security and Simplicity in Estate Planning Website Design

Web Design for Estate Planning Website

The Client

Advanced Legal Planning, LLC


Web Design for Advanced Legal Planning, LLC: Websites Focus, CRM Integration, Automated Sales & Marketing Solutions

Client Overview

Advanced Legal Planning is a prominent estate planning law firm that faced significant online challenges. Initially opting to design their website through a DIY platform, they quickly found the process time-consuming and ineffective. Subsequently, they sought assistance from a friend, which unfortunately resulted in an insecure, non-functional site that failed to generate leads, costing the firm thousands in lost revenue.

Initial Website Challenges

The initial website was marred by critical issues:

  • Lack of Security: Absence of an SSL certificate, leaving client data unprotected.
  • Ineffective Lead Handling: Contact forms were misconfigured, failing to deliver potential client inquiries to the firm.

Goals for the Redesign

The redesign aimed to transform the firm’s online presence by:

  • Creating a simple, clean, and easy-to-navigate website.
  • Ensuring the website was secure and trustworthy.
  • Guaranteeing that leads were effectively captured and routed correctly.

Design Strategies Employed

To meet these goals, the redesign focused on:

  • Streamlined Navigation: A user-friendly layout that guides visitors intuitively through the website.
  • Robust Security Measures: Implementation of an SSL certificate and secure contact forms to protect client information and build trust.
  • Effective Conversion Tools: Strategic placement of calls to action and an exit intent form that converts visitors into leads.

Challenges During the Project

A significant challenge was the limited availability of the client. However, this was adeptly managed by the firm’s project manager, who took a proactive role in the redesign. They wrote content and coordinated closely with our team, enabling the launch of the revamped site in under two weeks.

Results and Improvements

The redesigned website was a resounding success, marked by:

  • Enhanced Security: The installation of an SSL certificate and improved form configurations safeguarded client data and enhanced trust.
  • Increased Lead Generation: The new website started effectively capturing leads, which were correctly routed to the firm, boosting potential client engagement and revenue.
Estate Planning Website Design Idea: Secure and Simple Solutions
Estate Planning Website Design Idea: Secure and Simple Solutions

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