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Project Details

The Client

Dowley Law


Lawyer Website Design, Website Development & Google Listing Services.

The Story

Lawyer Website DesignMost recently, Up And Social did a website revamp for a local Law Firm, www.dowley.legal. The goal for this website was to provide a modern look yet simplistic layout while displaying lots of information in a cohesive manner.  To address the needs of many different prospects coming into their website, Dowley Law placed high importance on providing pertinent information on various products and services they offer while also providing a comfortable easy-going experience for website visitors.

The new website presents a dynamic, welcoming theme that not only enhances the company’s professionalism but does more heavy lifting when it comes to arming their prospects with knowledge and understanding of their services and offerings.

The Challenge

The old website, while delivering the right information, lacked a friendly user experience.  To top it all off, sharing information about the many services Dowley Law offers can be quite the task. There’s a tight balance between maintaining the visual appeal and working with multiple pieces of information. The trick is finding that sweet spot between creating a comfy, chic feel and upholding the necessary quality and quantity of information on any given page.

As web designers, our job is multi-fold, and displaying content is just one aspect. We have to figure out a way to convey branding and message while offering a user-friendly experience and manage to disseminate all needed information at the right time. This was our challenge with the Dowley Law brand.

Lawyer Website Design Solution

We chose to utilize a combination of minimal colors contrasted with large imagery and pictures of happy families to convey the message of security and solutions. This combination of big imagery and minimal colors is a classic tactic, yet as effective as ever. The new site features dynamic animation, testimonials, downloads, a contact form, easy-to-get-to navigation, and an information bar at the top which allows for browsing at the viewer’s pace. And finally, the entire site is mobile responsive.

At Up And Social, we take pride in making sure our client’s vision comes to life. Our expertise in digital marketing paired with a deep understanding of your business ensures a successful end product. Contact us today to learn more!

Lawyer Website Design
Lawyer Website Design

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