Modern Inquisitions: Pioneering Legal Services Web Design

Pioneering Legal Services Website and CRM Project – with Up And Social

Project Details

The Client

Modern Inquisitions


Website Design with Pioneering Legal Services Websites Focus, CRM Integration, Automated Sales & Marketing Solutions

Project Description

Client/Focus of the Project

Modern Inquisitions, a rising star in the workplace investigations sector, required a digital platform to establish their presence in the industry. As a new entrant, their focus was on creating a cost-effective yet impactful online identity to demonstrate their specialized services and knowledge in the field.

Initial Issues with the Website

The primary hurdle was the absence of a pre-existing website. This presented an opportunity to craft an online identity from scratch, ensuring it accurately reflected the brand’s values and objectives.

Primary Goals for the Project

The main aim was to develop a website that not only introduced Modern Inquisitions to the digital world but also served as an informative, user-friendly, and visually compelling platform. The focus was on designing a site that would resonate with their target demographic while highlighting their professional expertise in workplace investigations.

Design Strategies Employed

A customized approach was taken for this project, starting with the creation of a unique logo that resonated with the brand’s ethos. The website’s layout was meticulously designed to ensure ease of navigation and an engaging user experience, with a sleek and professional look that mirrored the client’s business identity.

Challenges Faced During the Project

A significant challenge was implementing effective SEO strategies to ensure high rankings for specific workplace investigation-related keywords. The team focused on optimizing every element of the site, from the content to the meta tags, to create a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also SEO-effective.

Project Outcomes

The launch of Modern Inquisitions’ website was a major success. The site features a stunning design that aligns with the client’s vision and industry standards. Most importantly, the SEO efforts were fruitful, achieving page 1 rankings for targeted keywords in the workplace investigations domain. This enhanced online visibility has positioned Modern Inquisitions as a key player in their sector, attracting more clients and creating new business opportunities.

Modern Inquisitions: Pioneering Legal Services Web Design
Modern Inquisitions: Pioneering Legal Services Web Design

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