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The Story

Up And Social is pleased to announce the completion of one of our latest projects, a music website design for Tiny Tunes! Andover. A musically oriented learning center for children, Tiny Tunes! Andover offers programs for ages ranging from 3 months to 14 years. The goal for this website was to provide a children’s centered theme while achieving objectives using language geared to parents. The new website presents a colorful and welcoming theme that offers a doorway inside the Live Music Education Center in addition to detailed information for the variety of program options to choose from. Our design team enjoyed the process of spotlighting the educational value that Tiny Tunes! Andover offers to parents in addition to echoing a child-like atmosphere for their online presence.Music Website Design

The Challenge

While the final product is visible online, we spent most of our time offline working with Tiny Tunes! Andover to organize pertinent information about each program as it would be experienced from a web viewer’s perspective. We also worked with our client to highlight their objectives and enrollment goals. Our challenge was to meet their goals with the navigation, ease, and feel of the website with a simple yet modern approach. We also rose to the challenge of making their online presence stand out using a superior music school website design to enhance Tiny Tunes! Andover’s competitive edge over alternate choices.Music Website Design

Our Solution

We chose to utilize a combination of pictures of smiling students in action along with bold and bright colors. This imagery promotes anticipation in parents hoping to enroll their children in educational and affirming programs. We also created a music school website design that provides information in a way that is easy to digest. Additionally, we placed contact information prominently throughout the website to drive registrations via phone calls and emails. These elements all work cohesively to highlight the amazing value Tiny Tunes! Andover can bring, build excitement about their programs, and achieve enrollment goals.Music Website Design

At Up And Social, we take pride in making sure our client’s vision comes to life. Our expertise in digital marketing paired with a deep understanding of your business ensures a successful end product. Contact us today to learn more!Music Website Design

Music Website Design

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