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Northshore Minds


Psychologist Website Design, Custom Chat Integration, SEO, Content Creation.

Psychologist Web Design – Northshore Minds

Northshore Minds is an establishment which seeks to provide whole-person care for those in need of any kind of mental healthcare. At their facility, healthcare is delivered by making use of social, biological, and psychological perspectives. Dr. Stephen Tourjee has a strong background in working with individuals, couples, families, and groups, and has extensive experience with child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry. His comprehensive medical expertise, as well as that of his entire staff, is brought to bear in helping mentally troubled patients achieve personal clarity and control.

The Story

Northshore Minds is a healthcare facility which required a psychologist website design that would be simple enough that it would appeal to a broad spectrum of potential patients, yet detailed enough to provide them with information they needed about mental healthcare treatments. The website design had to describe the types of services which are available at Northshore Minds, as well as to introduce the Doctor to site visitors. The website had to be modern and appealing, providing a welcoming feel to all potential patients.

The Challenge

The challenge faced in designing and developing a great website for Northshore Minds was in trying to convey a ton of information about the services offered, while avoiding the possibility of overwhelming the visitor, or creating huge blocks of text that might be ignored. Additionally, it was necessary to present a strong human element on the site, because most potential patients feel more comfortable relating to a person rather than to a company.

Our Solution

The first thing we did was include a strong presence for the company founder, and chief doctor. His background was included, so potential patients could see where he came from on his professional journey, and have confidence in his skills. We made sure to present him with a smiling demeanor, obviously very much in a welcoming manner. The site we designed featured simple, solid navigation, with services clearly identified singly, so visitors could see if their condition was handled at the clinic. Imagery used on the site are soothing and warm, the perfect type to promote confidence and comfort among all potential patients.

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Psychologist Web Design
Psychologist Web Design

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