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See how we helped Lifetime Roofing increase their business through an easy to use web design that converts clients into paying customers.

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The Client

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Up And Social is proud to announce a website design we’ve completed with one of our newest clients, Lifetime Roofing. The goal of this website was to create a self-guided, online consultation experience for prospective roofing clients.

To address the needs of prospects coming into their website, Lifetime Roofing placed high importance on providing instant estimates to offer potential customers a way to budget their roofing projects with a few clicks in a matter of seconds. The new website presents a dynamic, welcoming theme that not only enhances the company’s expertise in roofing but does the more heavy lifting when it comes to arming their prospects with accurate quotes and a better knowledge of their services and offerings. Roofing Company Web Design.

The Challenge

By far, our greatest challenge was creating the Instant Roofing Calculator. There are many factors to think about when it comes to quoting roofing projects. Therefore, we needed to create interactive technology that would address basic roofing projects while also factoring in additional variables such as roofing material, size, steepness, and more. Roofing Company Web Design.

On top of that, we were tasked with presenting the company in a way that invokes the level of professionalism that their clients have come to know for many years.

The trick was finding a healthy balance between creating a modern and comfortable space for website visitors while presenting a wealth of information regarding services, offerings, company culture, and more. As web designers, our job is multi-fold, and displaying content is just one aspect. We have to figure out a way to convey unique brand identity and messaging while offering a user-friendly experience. Plus, all this information must be disseminated at the right time during the web visit. Roofing Company Web Design.

Roofing Company Web Design Solution

We worked diligently with our team to create the technology on the backend needed for a simple Instant Roofing Calculator that prospects could easily use on the front end.

Now the website is a space for prospective clients to communicate the details on their potential roofing projects while getting the needed information to make important budgeting decisions. Roofing Company Web Design.

We also chose to utilize a combination of calming corporate colors contrasted with beautiful, picturesque samples of Lifetime Roofing’s previous work. This combination of big imagery and minimal colors is a classic tactic, yet as effective as ever.

The new site features interaction, testimonials, and work samples to give prospects the entire picture of the company’s commitment to quality roofing at a price they can afford.  In addition, the entire site is mobile responsive.

At Up And Social, we take pride in making sure our client’s vision comes to life. Our expertise in construction marketing for roofing companies paired with our roofing web design and development skills ensure a successful end product.

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