Sod Store Web Design: Transforming East Coast Sod’s Online Presence

Discover how Up And Social revamped East Coast Sod’s website with a professional sod store web design, boosting conversions, sales, and organic search presence.

Transforming East Coast Sod’s Online Presence

The Client

East Coast Sod


Web Design for East Coast Sod: Websites Focus, CRM Integration, Automated Sales & Marketing Solutions

Initial Issues with the Website

East Coast Sod’s previous website was built on a DIY platform, which failed to deliver the desired results. The site experienced a low conversion rate and lacked organic search presence, severely impacting their online visibility and sales.

Main Objectives of the Redesign

The primary goals of the website redesign were to:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Boost sales
  • Enhance overall revenue
  • Attract new clients from the region searching for sod

Design Strategies Employed

To achieve these objectives, we implemented the following design strategies:

  • Bright, Vibrant Colors: We used an eye-catching color palette to attract clients and create a lively, engaging atmosphere.
  • Professional Design: The new design exudes professionalism, reassuring customers that they are dealing with one of the largest sod distributors in the country.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Improved navigation and user experience to make it easier for visitors to find information and make purchases.

Challenges Faced During the Project

The project was a rush job as the client approached us during their busiest season. We had to deliver a quick turnaround on the design and development without causing any downtime. Despite the time constraints, we successfully launched the new website, ensuring seamless operation throughout the transition.

Results and Improvements After the Redesign

The redesign has yielded significant improvements:

  • Conversion rates and overall revenue have increased.
  • The website now ranks for various keywords related to sod, enhancing its organic search presence.
  • Integration of the Get Charlie CRM has enabled better client communication and follow-ups with potential customers who didn’t complete their checkout.


The newly designed website for East Coast Sod has not only improved their online presence but also contributed to their business growth. With the professional design, enhanced functionality, and strategic SEO optimization, East Coast Sod is now well-positioned to attract and convert more customers in the competitive sod industry.

Sod Store Web Design: Transforming East Coast Sod's Online Presence
Sod Store Web Design: Transforming East Coast Sod's Online Presence

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