Is it time to refresh the design of your website? Are you a new business looking to create a website in the first place? This process can be daunting and is often the deterrent to taking the leap. That’s because it can be hard to settle on the perfect design and branding for your company. Up and Social can help. We see it all the time: clients who know they need to nurture their online presence with a killer website and but get hung up on the idea of creating the right image. Whether you have a seed of an idea or you have no clue what you want, it’s time to look to the professionals with vast experience assisting small businesses with their websites.

Let’s take a look at the process.


The first step is to call Up and Social. Then, to prepare for your meeting with our design team, it’s important to give some thought on your own as to a basic concept that you would like to pursue. Knowing what to expect and going into your meeting with some pretty clear expectations makes our team’s job easier and your stress level lower. We’ll start off with a black and white wireframe, which is a bare bones sketch of what your site could look like. Because there’s no actual design (often times, we even sketch them on paper!), the concept can grow, expand, change and morph as both parties see fit.

The purpose of wireframing is to position various elements of your home page. We’ll cover the positioning of the menu as well as all features of your website. What should go in the footer? How will the navigation work? Where will the graphics go? What functionality are you looking for? What about sub pages, blogs, service pages, and testimonials? By fleshing out the navigational structure, we can glean valuable information going forward.


This is one area you want to leave up to the professionals. While we appreciate your input, it’s hard to give you a unique finished product when you point out other websites that you love and want to copy. We work hard to give you a crisp, clean, fresh, modern design backed by solid functionality that follows the latest popular trends but that makes it own way in the world. Simply give us your logo and color schemes (if you have them), as well as a variety of different websites that you like the look and feel of. We’ll take it from there.


This is perhaps the part that takes the longest and the most skill because it involves crafting unique, compelling content that also has to incorporate keywords for SEO purposes. Not all web design companies offer copywriting, but we do. Our writers can craft compelling content based on your detailed outlines and bulleted lists of what you want your site pages to be. Once we see a good flow of navigation and content strategy, we can better create material to match your needs.

The Launch

After the site has been designed and the content has been placed on all pages, it’s time to launch your site. This is when the public gets to see the finished product. Be sure to tell the team BEFORE the launch what needs to change or what you want to add. This is where communication comes in. We are always available to you to incorporate your feedback into the final website design. We will go over all this in your proposal and estimate, but it’s important to stay in touch with your web development team regularly and update us on the crucial pieces of the puzzle from your perspective.

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