Maintaining a constant presence on social media is key for any dental practice. As a dentist, you may have your own personal Facebook or Twitter account…now’s the time to get one for your business too. It’s an easy way to grow and nurture your business, ideally when used in conjunction with other traditional methods of advertising, such as print and email. By promoting your services and products on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can attract current and prospective patients on their level.

Making Social Media Work for You

Being accessible to your patients is critical, and this is the main objective with social media. Begin with one platform, say Facebook, and go from there. It’s wise to hire a professional who can help you with Facebook marketing for dentists so you can optimize your potential and reach. Check out these tips:

Post relevant content at least three times a week, with at least one blog a week that shows off your subject matter expertise, suggests Social Media Today.

Collaborate with your peers and keep those connections going.

Encourage feedback from your followers with directed questions, polls, surveys and more.

Learn what your patients want to encounter in your practice through pointed questions.

Encourage users to share their photos, comments and experiences.

Post office or industry news, such as holiday hours, renovations, new state of the art equipment, and new hygienists.

If you look back a decade, you see that social media was just in its infancy. Compared with mailers and newspaper and TV ads, social media is now the most affordable way to build up trust in your target audience. It’s easy to implement, it’s a collaborative outlet, and it’s a must-do for your dental practice.

Use Social Media Correctly

Use social media to promote your brand and communicate with patients, all in an effort to nurture that trusting relationship. There’s no better way to share news and learn what’s important to your patients. Not only can you offer discounts on dental services and ask for feedback through polls, you can also post oral hygiene tips, share relevant industry happenings, and offer free office tours for new patients. Here are just a few quick tips when it comes to the type of content you should be sharing:

  • Pick and choose what you share. Too much will saturate your audience; instead, select valuable content and keep it short and sweet.
  • Make your content a blend of 90 percent informational and 10 percent promotional so as not to scare off readers.
  • Don’t use stuffy corporate jargon; instead, keep it friendly and casual — just like you would speak to a friend.
  • When you do post industry news and blogs, make sure your subject matter expertise comes through — you want to be seen as the foremost expert in your field, whether it’s about a finding from the ADA or new advances in dental equipment. You could even accompany your content with links to other social media platforms, such as YouTube with videos that illustrate what you’re talking about.

As a crucial component of your overall marketing approach, you can use social media marketing for dentists as a tool to increase visibility of your dental practice. Let Up And Social help, as your trusted Boston area web design company and social media marketing company established in 2012.




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