Social media management has become imperative for many companies. If your organization has a large consumer base or is planning to capitalize on the outreach of social media then you have to invest in social media management. Not always do you have to go hard with your aggressive marketing and promotional strategies. At times, smart social media management strategies can help you achieve your target.

Being social, getting social and harnessing the power of social media is imperative for any company today, especially for those that intend to reach out to an audience through the internet. While a lot is being said, talked and written about social media management, not much is being highlighted about social media management pricing.

How much should you expect to pay if you hire a professional to manage your social media presence? You need to have an idea so you can accommodate it in your marketing budget. Here is some light shed onto social media management pricing.

  • You should expect to pay anywhere from about $200 to $1000 and more if you hire an expert to manage your social media presence.

If you spend two hundred bucks or a little more on social media management, what is it that you would get?

Up And Social has a basic plan or a starter plan which is priced at $250. At this social media management pricing, you get one social media account which will be operated by a dedicated account manager. The manager will monitor and remove spam, reply to comments and posts, notify you of messages or posts, research and create relevant content and posts, interact with clients and customer social accounts.

There are more features in the offering but then the social media management pricing goes up. There is a $500 plan from Up And Social, which offers all the aforementioned features but in addition to that gives you one article or post to upload on your blog, responses to blog posts, notification of leads or special blog posts and responses and one email marketing blast.

Social media management pricing really depends on what kind of features and services you are looking for. If you want more contents À la carte articles and blog posts or website updates then you can pay more or if you don’t need some of the features or services then you can customize the plan and get a discount.

If you truly want to harness the power of social media then you have to invest in social media management today.

What are you currently paying for your social media management? Please leave comments below.



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