Here’s our list of the top 5 recruiter website design of 2022.

What makes a good Recruiter Website Design? Some might argue that the overall design itself is what will attract applicants to your site, but in order for that to be true, you need to expand your idea of what “design” really means.  Staffing & Recruitment Websites Designs

Is it important to have an attractive color scheme, and even use the psychology of colors to your advantage? Should it be easy to navigate? Should it be visually relevant to individuals trying to find a job? 

Yes, to all of the above. 

So, what’s the problem? 

So many staffing and recruitment websites know how important it is for a website to look in order to be attractive. If you truly want yours to stand out, it should have additional features, including things like:

  • A job search that’s easily visible
  • Social media buttons as a recruitment tool
  • A relevant/interesting blog
  • A strong SEO presence
  • A “contact us” option

So, which staffing and recruitment websites are really going above and beyond? t’s take a look at five of the best staffing & recruitment websites designs for 2022, and touch on what they’re doing right to attract the best recruits. 

1. MAYDAY (www.maydayrecruitment.com)

Staffing & Recruitment Websites Designs of 2020

There are so many interesting and attractive features about MAYDAY Recruitment’s website, it’s hard to know where to begin. But, a good place to start is by looking at the title of their website: Australia’s Boutique Recruitment Agency. 

Right away, that gives people a feeling of personalization and individualized attention. MAYDAY is showing pride in the fact that they offer a variety of different recruitment sectors, including banking & finance, marketing, sales, and even trades and labor. They don’t box themselves into one sector, and their website showcases that cleanly and effectively. 

The site itself utilizes video on the homepage instead of a static background image, as well as moving slides that focus on their different sectors. 

If you continue to scroll, you’ll find an updated blog with helpful information (not just content to fill space), as well as their latest job openings so their recruits can start looking for jobs that fit their needs right away. It’s easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, and appealing to job-seekers. 

2. New England Legal Search (www.newenglandlegalsearch.com)

Recruiter Web Design company

New England Legal Search obviously focuses on jobs in the legal field, including recruitment for attorneys. But, their website is beautiful, professional, and very calm and natural-looking. 

That’s an interesting (and smart) choice for a recruitment agency focusing on the legal field, where things can often seem stressful and chaotic. 

New England Legal Search’s site features a soft color palette with natural hues. It has a simple mission statement explaining who they are and what they do, an easy-to-navigate menu bar at the top, and their latest job postings at the bottom. It’s a perfect example of beauty in simplicity, and it works very well for the industry they’re trying to recruit for.


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3. Salt (www.welovesalt.com/usa)

Recruiter website design

Salt’s website is simple and straight to the point. They focus on bold print, easy-to-read text, and put their offered jobs in the spotlight without a lot of extra flair. While that might not be appealing to some people, it’s actually a great technique that encourages people to focus on the jobs themselves, rather than the “extras” of the site. 

Because the site itself is so visually simplistic, Salt’s “contact” area also stands out. So, not only are the jobs front-and-center, but they’ve made it easy for people to get ahold of them with any questions or to request more information about a particular job. Salt recruits for multiple industries and sectors as well, so keeping their site simple and straight-forward is a great way to stay organized and reduce clutter. 

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4. ProFound (www.profoundsf.com)

Recruitment & Staffing Websites Designs

ProFound’s website stands out in that it suggests that it has the solution to a broken system of staffing and recruitment. It uses its name to brand itself as that solution, touting their “profound approach” to recruitment. 

The website itself is simple, yet eye-catching. It features a background video of a businessman dancing happily – not something you typically see every day in the business sector, which helps to set the tone, once again, for their brand. 

From there, the site splits into two categories; one for employers, and one for job seekers. The benefit of this is that it lets whoever is visiting the site get to where they need to go quickly, without having to search or guess. It’s clear and to the point, and caters to you no matter what you’re looking for. 

5. The Allred Group (www.allredgroup.com)

This site features what is probably the most traditional/classic design on this list. But, we’ve included it to let you know that there is nothing wrong with tradition when it’s done the right way. 

In the case of The Allred Group, they specifically work with recruitment in the elevator industry. That’s a very specific sector. So, it wouldn’t make much sense for their website to be flashy or cluttered with a variety of different things. The elevator industry has a professional tone, and they’re capitalizing on that with the verbiage they use and the overall design they’ve selected for their site. 

A good rule of thumb to take away from this particular site is that sometimes it isn’t necessarily about having the most creative design for your website. Instead, it’s important to know your potential audience and to create a site that will most appeal to them. If you’re recruiting in a niche industry, that can often be easier to do. 

As you can see, there’s not necessarily a right or wrong way to create a great staffing and recruitment site. Starting with the basics and adding on some extra features is a great way to get your feet wet with the design. But, don’t be afraid to let the voice of your company be heard. Let your personality shine through your site. People will notice, and it can make you more approachable, and more likely to find the best talent – no matter what industry you’re recruiting for. 



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