Fiverr is relatively new on the scene, but it is growing in popularity at extremely high rates. It is basically a huge marketplace where people will agree to do certain things for $5.00. This compensation is the inspiration for the name of the site. Many of the gigs that are offered on Fiverr are useful and creative, but you will also stumble on some pretty bizarre gigs as well.

Here are some of the best Fiverr Gigs that have value and are far from the bizarre gigs including dancing like a horse while holding a sign:

Logo Creation

Who knew that $5.00 could go so far? There are many people that are posting gigs requiring only $5.00 for creating the logo to your brand. Many of the users on Fiverr are extremely creative and it might just be the best $5.00 you ever spend if you stumble upon the right person. Be a bit selective and try to gauge the professionalism of the Fiverr post.

Video Intro

If you are looking for a cool and short video intro for your YouTube videos, you might want to check out Fiverr. This will help you brand your YouTube videos and ensure that viewers know when your videos are being played. For $5.00 it is hard to go wrong.

Whiteboard Videos

As stated above, many of the users posting gigs on Fiverr are incredibly creative and are only looking for a small payday. Whiteboard drawing videos are extremely cool and simply involve the drawing of text or images on a whiteboard background. If you have a blog this could be a great addition that will catch the eye of your readers. You can communicate different ideas and trick concepts using this platform and the help of Fiverr.

Cartoon Sketches

Cartoons have the ability to spice up any topic and make it more visually appealing. There are great artists on Fiverr that can sketch up a carton in no time at all. You can take advantage of their skillset and get a cartoon for a mere $5.00.

Voice Overs

If you need any help creating voice content, you should check out the countless gigs posted to Fiverr. It is easy and you can get creative with the type of voice overs that you complete.

Fiverr might be a bit bizarre at times, but there are a lot of great gigs that can really help your blog.



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