Keeping track of all the moving parts that make up a business can be difficult. It is important for managers to prioritize the most important things the company needs to accomplish on a day-to-day basis. In worrying about all of the tasks that keep the business afloat, it’s easy to forget about social media marketing.

This is a big social media mistake!

Often times, businesses will create a Facebook page so they have one, but will never bother updating it. The implications this can cause are detrimental to attracting new customers.

Think about this scenario. Imagine you are a potential customer and want to find out more about a business. When you look up their online page, it is riddled with old information (or no information!) and you can’t get any sense of what the business is like. What does this say to you? It might say that the business doesn’t care enough about its customers to keep them in the loop of what’s going on. Or maybe it says that the business isn’t proud of their recent accomplishments and doesn’t want to post them. It could even be an indication that the company went out of business and isn’t in existence any longer. No matter what is running through the potential customer’s head, they are very likely to forget all about your business when they see a useless Facebook page or website.

Don’t worry! There are ways to make sure this doesn’t happen.
The most obvious fix to the problem is to keep up with the online postings. Share links about industry related content, come up with free giveaways, and interact with customers online. As long as you continue to show all customers, new and old, that you care about them and your online presence, they will keep coming back for more.




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