Facebook’s Organic Page Reach allows posts from a business to be viewed by users without paid promotion. Recently, the amount of users organic posts have reached is decreasing due to many different factors. Luckily, there are ways to continue to reach many people without paying to promote ads.

Organic Post Targeting

Facebook allows you to choose which market your post will reach. It is important to choose people within your target market because they are the ones who are most likely to take interest in your post.

You will find this feature in “General Settings” on Facebook by clicking the box that says “targeting and privacy for posts.” Clicking this box will prompt a list of choices for what type of person you are looking to target.

Encourage Interaction

Once you’ve selected the market you wish your post to reach, you should now encourage them to interact with your different posts. When a user interacts with a post, it then shows up on their friend’s pages, exposing them to your page.

A few different ways to encourage interaction is by asking questions and responding to comments. Asking questions will show the user that your business cares about them and wants their insight. Responding to comments reminds the user that you are not a robot, you are a real person behind the screen who is monitoring the page and answering any questions, comments or concerns users may have.

Share Differentiated Content

Facebook is full of pictures and videos so yours need to be different to stand out. Generally, videos generate more buzz than pictures because users simply have to click play and listen to what the video is telling them. “How to” videos are popular, as well as Public Service Announcements and Question and Answer sessions. These types of videos are sure to attract more Facebook users to your page.

Pictures are also a great way to convince users to look at your page. Any sort of thought provoking content relevant to your business will generate views, as well as images containing facts or a call to action. Putting research into finding relevant content will help maximize the organic post reach.

Facebook has many different ways to advertise. While organic post reach numbers may be low, there are always ways to attract users back to your page. Get creative, be honest and have fun! If you’re looking to hire a professional to handle your Facebook page, Up And Social has all the expertise you need.



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