Are you excited about your new venture? Well, You’ve already done a great job by building your brand from scratch. Now, it is high time to grow it to the heights of glory. Make sure that all of the hard work converts into sales. One of the effective strategies is the landing page. You must be wondering what are landing pages and how they are helpful? 

This blog will answer your question and provide you with complete guidance about landing pages, how they are different from Homepages, and the best practices to get leads using landing pages. 

What are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are considered a type of web page generated to drive traffic and improve a website’s SEO. They are created specifically for marketing and advertising purposes. Once you start your business successfully and develop a website, a landing page is a great source to advertise your campaigns. Almost every business website operates with the help of its landing pages. Landing pages are exceptional than homepages as they are targeted and specific.

A landing page is used at various stages of business growth and development. From introducing a new audience to your brand to converting a lead into a regular customer, it serves the purpose on the spot. 

Almost 68% of B2B businesses run on landing pages to generate solid leads for future conversions. Landing pages play a vital role in leading customers for a service, a product, or an offer with a call to action. The fantastic thing is that it requires less cost in business uplifting than other lead generation sources. 

Landing pages are different from Homepages as Homepages are a source of introducing the audience to the brand or service you are offering. On the other hand, landing pages are targeted and specific. A piece of detailed information about a particular offer or service is shared with the audience. They are created with CTA and landing forms to take your relationship with visitors to the next level. There are defined objectives and marketing goals behind landing pages.

Purpose of Landing Pages

Want to get sales on your business website? Get viral with your landing page uniquely describing your campaign. After discussing what are landing pages, let’s dig in about their purpose.

The sole aim of the landing pages is to encourage the audience to take action.  SEO landing pages do wonders with improving the site ranking.

Grab the attention of your customer with a unique design, brief description, and a landing form. The call to action is the cherry on the top that converts your lead into a customer. Landing pages are the milestones of an online business that grows by taking the visitor’s information and later informing them with new offers, webinars and encouraging people for a call to action with a single click.

Benefits of Landing Pages

Landing pages offer several benefits to the business by increasing their SEO, sales and targeting a new audience. There are various types of landing pages that you can use as per your areas of interest. A few benefits of landing pages include:

More conversions by default:

Landing pages aim with a single focus, and they target a particular audience. This is why the conversion rate because of a landing page is higher than other marketing tactics. 

Targeted content for a targeted audience:

 Another benefit of developing a landing page is that you don’t need to spend more time deep researching your service. Precise information offered straightforwardly with a good design is enough to hook the client. You can get direct and specific with your offer so that it speaks precisely what you’re after. 

Build credibility:

Landing pages are a great way to demonstrate your services by targeting the client’s pain points. Provide a solution to your visitor’s problem with a sales copy. Display your customer’s testimonials to show that your previous clients are happy with your services. Neil Patel shares that the core component of establishing credibility is incorporating social proof in the form of reviews and testimonials.  

Do I Need A Landing Page

No matter what services or products you are offering, landing pages are a must if you want to boost your business to another level. This is the most often place visitors will land and sign up for your webinar, newsletter, or campaign. On a captivating landing page, it takes a few seconds for the visitor to fill up details in the form. Once you get the essential information about your visitors, you can use it later for email marketing and increase your sales.

Landing pages are the sole requirements for website owners in the world of online marketing. A complete package to drive organic traffic from social media. To send a special offer to your customers, a landing page is essential to take advantage of whatever offer you’ve promised to them.

It would be best to have landing pages to run PPC advertising, social media marketing posts, content marketing, and email marketing. If you’re still not thinking about setting a landing page for your website, you’re missing out too much! 

Landing Pages Best Practices

Introduce unique features to your landing pages and increase your conversions. In the competitive online business market, stand out by following the best practices on your copy page. Increase conversion up to 86% with an introductory video. Keep the CTA above the field to make it convenient for visitors to find it. Boost your sales by limiting page navigation.

Another best practice is to keep the description of the landing page short and direct. Visitors spend hardly 4 seconds on a single page. This is the right time to hook the client. Avoid unnecessary information and keep the offer short and direct with CTA. Test the results of your campaign again and again to check the results. A/B testing is the best practice in the field to optimize the landing page.

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