A good day for a small business is often determined by how much revenue was generated. Consequently, closing deals is a priority for small business success.  Finding the ideal way to close deals can be one of the most frustrating processes for small business owners. Because there are so many options, tools, and methods to do so it can be hard to figure out which one is a good fit.

One method that helps small businesses manage leads is Arizona based, Infusionsoft.  At 125,000 users strong, Infusionsoft offers a unique tool that small businesses can use to cultivate leads and generate sales.  With both CRM and marketing automation capabilities, Infusionsoft leads the industry in sales and marketing productivity software. A quick read on their website, reveals that Infusionsoft is dedicated to small business growth.  As a result, over half of their employees have either led or started small businesses of their own.

Therefore, the features integrated into their software are very useful for small business success. For example, a great feature of the software is personalized engagement.  With their CRM database, you can create a number of follow-up e-mails, lead nurturing messages, and sales letters all based on a customer profile. What’s more, data collected for each customer provides a large scope of information to help you understand exactly how your customers interact with your brand.

The ability to send automatic e-mails to customers with an offer based on their own activity has time-saving potential and can help increase sales exponentially.   Additionally, the system allows for segmentation which makes it easy to categorize by demographics, lead score, e-mail clicks, and purchase decisions.  These valuable stats can help you analyze, streamline and scale your marketing activities with just a few clicks of a mouse.  


To sweeten the deal, Infusionsoft also offers even more integration features such as e-commerce, invoicing, payment collection, and a fabulous credit card reader!  Of course this feature also connects back to customer profiles, which helps keep track of who bought what and when.  Monthly costs are a modest price starting at just a couple hundred dollars for Infusionsoft’s light version.   It’s worth looking into for small businesses wanting to gain more traction in their industry.  Success case studies are bountiful in various industries such as fitness, health & beauty, outdoor living, and even hospitality.  With a wide range of usage like this, there’s no question Infusionsoft can be a great fit for any small business. 

Gone are the days when information shared and gathered came from libraries and clerk desks.  Information and product options are now simply at fingertips accessible within seconds.   As we advance to an increasingly digitized society, small businesses constantly must adapt to meet the demand for more personalized customer experience in a fast-paced highly technical world.  Infusionsoft paves the way by providing a robust system that allows small businesses to rapidly communicate and engage with their customers with magnetic precision.

Infusionsoft’s platform is very popular among entrepreneurs and marketing staffers for good reason.  With features that can manage contacts, automate marketing tasks, and handle invoicing among other things, what’s not to like? The Infusionsoft platform is a big system with a heart for small business.



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