Most companies and businesses consider creating a website for the first time and then totally forget about updating it. They think that traffic is coming and they have a good online presence. However, they totally forget the fact that like every other thing, websites are also required to be updated from time to time in order to be appropriate with the idea of latest website layouts.

But, when to redesign your website is the real question. While figuring out the best time To Redesign Your Website, don’t forget what Daniel Levitin once said:

He said that;

“Critical thinking is not something you do once with an issue and then drop it. It requires that we update our knowledge as new information comes in. Time spent evaluating claims is not just time well spent. It should be considered part of an implicit bargain we’ve all made.”

So, whenever you see that something is missing and there is something that needs to be added or removed from your website, it’s your gut that’s telling you to update and redesign it. However, if you are a novice to the niche and find a problem in figuring out the exact time to Redesign Your Website, here are some points to help you with:

Your Website URL Doesn’t Look Appropriate:

What is a website URL? Well, a website URL is the unique address of your website. It is the main address of your website, by using which people reach you. URL is different than the name however it should be according to your niche. Such as, if you are having a website related to technology, you cannot have a website URL as Stylishshoes.com. Well, it is because “stylish shoes” doesn’t represent your website. Not just this, a website URL also requires being easy to read, pronounce, remember, and type. It shouldn’t have jumbled words and difficult spellings. Also, it should be general so that you can add almost all sorts of information on your website to gather more traffic.

What happens, when we open a website at the start, we aren’t much familiar with these depths. Hence, with the passage of time we find out URL quite inappropriate and pasting it in the posts, embarrass us. Thus, when you find that website URL is embarrassing, that’s the first time when you notice that your website needs to be changed and redesigned.

It Feels Out of Date and Old Compare to Other Platforms Online:

When you are done with understanding that your website URL is not appropriate, before changing it, you also need to pay some attention to the layout of your website. Such as, when you see your website and its homepage, despite having everything necessary on its page, still it looks like something is missing. That’s because the layout of your website is outdated. If you cannot figure out that website require changing or it is outdated. You will have to go online and do some research. During this research, you will find that the layout of the website is not as dashing as it is for other websites.

An outdated layout won’t leave a good impression on your visitors. They don’t feel touched by visiting your page. They will not bookmark it. It doesn’t matter what sort of and how great information you have on your website. So, to make your visitors engaged, you need to change the layout and redesign it. In general terms, we can say that aft two years, a website requires changing. Thus, it is time to redesign your website.

Irresponsivenes of your Website:

A responsive website is when you have a cool website but it doesn’t give the same cool layout on all devices such as mobile and laptop or computers. Well, you know that screen of a laptop or computer is quite large. A complete page of a website can show everything when it is accessed through a laptop or computer. However, when you access the same website, it doesn’t show proper icons and complete fields in a good way to tap each option, because of the small screen of mobile. An irresponsive website can make your daily user traffic low.

In the recent updates, developers have introduced updates for the website and call it website responsiveness. When you have an old-fashioned website that’s almost five years old, it cannot have the same layout on the phone and laptop. Thus, you need to redesign your website and its layout to make it responsive. By responsive I mean your website will open with the same layout on mobile and laptops. Thus, to make it responsive it is time to redesign your website.

User Experience with Website is Not Very Good:

When users visit your website and get enticed with its layout and everything on the page, they will bookmark it. Getting your website bookmarked means you have got a potential visitor for daily visiting your website. If you have had the website for so long but still a number of visitors visiting you have not bookmarked it and not offering repetitive visits on your website. It shows that your website is not offering appropriate and best user experience to your visitors thus it requires to change.

You can also do a user rating survey on your website regarding understanding that how friendly your website layout is for your website. Hence, to make your website user-friendly, you need to redesign its outdated version and give it a new look.

Posting on Your Website is Very Difficult:

When you post something on your website or decide to make small changes, it takes a lot more time than usual. It means the back end of your website is out of date. You cannot hire helpers to post on your website on your behalf because it is difficult to understand how to make changes. Thus to make your website more interactive and easy to work with, a website redesign requires. These are some points to show you that your website layout needs changing.



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