If you have just started up your own law firm, and are wondering about the advisability of establishing your own website with your own lawyer web design, the information contained below should help you to make up your mind. While there are several schools of thought on whether or not lawyers really need to have a website, one single statistic resulting from a survey conducted by Nielsen should be enough to convince you.

In that survey, it was discovered that 75% of US citizens endeavor to find a lawyer when they need one by searching online. If you don’t have an online presence, you are definitely losing out on potential business, because there will be a huge audience which will be unable to discover your legal firm. Here are some other reasons why it would be highly advantageous for your legal firm to establish a strong online presence.

Highly informative

One of the best things about having a website which represents your skills and services to consumers, is that the site can provide key information needed by potential clients to make a decision. People who are searching online can compare your experience, credentials, and knowledge to other attorneys without having to call you on the phone or visit your office. In fact, websites are the very best way to provide potential clients with important information about your law firm, so that when they do make some kind of decision, it will at least be an informed decision based on solid facts and good information.

Trust and credibility

Your clients as well as your colleagues will generally refer to your website on more than one occasion, and the content that you include on your site will help all those individuals to have greater trust in you. By reading about your references and testimonials from previous clients, potential customers will come to see you as a more credible and authoritative legal entity who can actually solve their problems. Your lawyer web design can also include a periodic blog which will help to position you as an authority in the legal arena.

Greater accessibility

More than any other method of reaching you, your website can make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you when they need to. At any time of day, people searching for a good attorney can find you instantly on the Internet. With some good marketing and powerful content on your website, you can also help level the playing field with some of your giant competitors, since all legal firms are the same size on the Internet. You can make your legal firm even more visible and more accessible online, by employing sound SEO principles which earn higher rankings for you with the search engines, so that more potential customers will find your website.

Powerful marketing tool

These days, in order for almost any business to stay competitive, it has to be marketed strongly on the Internet. Legal firms are no exception, and in order to compete with all the other strong firms in your area, you’re going to need to market your business so that potential clients have a reason to choose you over your rivals. The lawyer web design of your website will serve as an ideal marketing tool which can cost you far less than any kind of advertising or marketing campaign would, including those appearing on television or radio, or campaigns which feature printed advertisements.

Whenever someone conducts a search for legal assistance, they are already in need of an attorney, so you don’t have to sell them anything at all – they have already been sold on the need for representation. Once they navigate to your website, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to convert them into a paying client by providing them with information they need, as well as powerful content which resonates with them and which has value to their daily lives.

How to start your lawyer web design

You don’t need to have any expertise in lawyer web design, in order to have a fantastic website designed and developed for you. At a very affordable cost, you can have a custom lawyer web design created for you by one of the many website design services available on today’s market. One of the best of these lawyer web design vendors is Up and Social, which is a highly specialized web design and development company which guarantees customer satisfaction.

You can see a good example of the kind of sites designed by Up and Social by following this link and reviewing a website the company recently created for a client. Don’t be held back by the thought that it will cost you an arm and leg to have a customized lawyer web design prepared for you, because the truth is that you can have a fantastic website developed, which is exactly what you want, at a very affordable rate. Contact Up and Social today to find out what they can do for you, and how they can help you establish the strong online presence your legal firm needs to be competitive.



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