As the world continues using more and more mobile devices for using the internet, business who do not use responsive web designs are seeing less visitors and less success from their websites. Typical websites, are made with desktop internet browsers in mind. They are made to fit perfectly on a pc screen, not any of the other types of screen that are found on devices such as tablets, mobile phones and other mobile devices, so users who visit a non-responsive website on their phone, are going to have a poor experience. Responsive website designs will make the site function and look as it should on any size, or type of screen. That is why in a world where PC’s are actually the least used tool for internet access, a non-responsive website design is hurting your business

In terms of SEO, and ranking your site on google. Non-responsive sites are becoming penalized for not being 100% accessible to all users. Even if you forget about the mobile internet users, not having a responsive site will have a negative SEO effect, and could bury your business in the lower regions of google, never to re-appear. Search engines are surely where most of your site visitors come from, efforts must be made to keep complying and making your site as user friendly as possible. Your business needs to stay strong on Google to succeed, so adding a responsive website design would keep your company up to date with technology, and keep your business on top of SERPs.

Studies have shown that more than 20% of all google searches are performed on a mobile device (2012 study), and more than 50% of all local Google searches were done on a mobile device. Having an un-responsive site will literally mean that your business is losing out on more than half of all local business searches. Can your business really afford that?

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