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Appealing web design goes beyond the crisp graphics and catchy logos. It has to be quick to load, visually appealing between all pages, and provide tangible value for your patients and prospective patients. As a dental practice, you have a unique demographic and approach, whether that’s kids, older adults or families. Without a killer website design to promote your practice and what you’re all about, you won’t reach your intended audience and convince them to visit you. This is where a professional web designer comes in —  someone who knows how to create an eye-catching masterpiece that’s just right for your brand, one that will attract and retain customers to your dentist office site. What you want to do is convert those visitors to patients of your practice, turning them into repeat customers. Take a good long look at your existing website: is it boring? Does it achieve the bare minimum, meaning it has information on it but it’s not very exciting? Is it truly user friendly? If it’s not achieving what you want it to, you need a custom built web design. Check out these tips on how to achieve a killer website design:

Optimizing Color

Are you making good use of color? Smart color choices positively affect the performance of your website and the experience users have while there. Choose complementary colors that gel with each other and evoke feelings of confidence in your audience. Hues like blue, green, and white take the top spot for color selection on websites, with purple being the least popular. Consult with your web design professional on the best colors for your site – they know all about color wheels and how to create a visually appealing combination through effective color contrast. It’s best to go with calming colors in neutral tones for a dental practice, as you want to instill feelings of calm, comfort and warmth for visitors who may be nervous about visiting the dentist.

Loading Quickly

Your pages have to load fast. Period. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices through responsive web design (RWD), you risk losing patients to your competitors. People inherently have very little patience – especially when they’re on the go and want quick information tidbits. If your page is taking too long to load, guess what? They may hop to the next office to find out what they need, such as insurance information or whether the office is taking on new patients. Research by Visually says that 40 percent of users will leave your website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. That’s not a lot of time to capture the interest of your readers, so make the most of that precious time.

Looking Professional

When it comes to assessing whether a website looks and feels professional, you have even less time to make an impression. Research shows visitors to websites can tell within one second whether the site is professionally created or looks more like an amateur slapped it together. Fail to look professional, and your visitor may well jump ship and head to an office that does. It’s not really clear what the reasons are, although they likely have to do with logo, images, content placement and the like, but the bottom line is that 65 percent of people don’t trust websites with unprofessional appearances.

To make sure your website design slays your audience, get the professionals at Up and Social. You need an expert on your side who can take a collaborative approach to building up your network of patients one web visitor at a time.




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