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The Client

New England Legal Search


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Up And Social recently completed a new website for law-based recruitment company New England Legal Search. The goal for this project was to display detailed information in an organized manner while achieving a minimalistic and contemporary style. New England Legal Search needed to provide both employers and candidates with a simple way to progress through their employment-based journey. It was also vital that site visitors understood the extent of the experience that New England Legal Search could bring to the table. For over thirty years, the company has established long-lasting and prestigious relationships within the law recruitment field. The new website provides an elegant and simplistic theme that draws attention to the professionality of the business and presents their services in a cohesive manner.

The Challenge

The previous website was both informative and well-written, yet web design has many elements to consider. The New England Law Search has a rich history, a critical philosophy and some impressive testimonials. The challenge was to make all of this crucial information easily available to the site visitors, without compromising the user experience. According to Forrester, ‘better UX design could yield conversions by 400%’ We knew it was important to improve user experience, yet keep the rich sustenance of the info on the current site. We needed to convey the sleek and intelligent branding of New England Legal Search, using a striking minimalist design. Minimalistic trends continue to dominate the web design scene at present. At Up and Social, we provide our clients with the design styles that will impress and generate leads in a modern world. In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ 

When it comes to recruiter website design, it’s essential to focus on user behavior. When you are searching for a role, or for a candidate, you want a streamlined experience. Job searching, or recruiting, can sometimes be a drawn-out and stressful process. Recruiter website design must consider the elements of this process carefully. Our challenge was creating a site that made the experience simple and leisurely. From the moment that users landed on the page, it had to be clear exactly where they should go next.

Recruiter Website Design Solution

We chose to combine a minimal design with repetition of the sleek New England Legal Search logo. We represented the logo conventionally and also in photography form, using a scene of trees. The result was both sophisticated and effortless, representing quality and expertise. The navigation of the site is simple, with a neat information bar. Drop-down menus appear when you merely hover the cursor in the right place.

When you’re searching for a job for a long time, it can feel like you’re being shown the same posts every day. We provided the New England Legal Search site with a ‘What’s New’ section, allowing users to access the latest postings only. There’s also a section where you can skip looking at the postings altogether and submit your resume directly from the home page. Recruiter web design needs to consider the journey and needs of the candidate and employer carefully.

The website is mobile-optimized, as we understand that this is essential for any website operating in a tech-focused world. According to Search Engine Land, ‘60 percent of searches are now performed by mobile devices.’ For New England Legal Search, their site visitors needed to understand their philosophy. It is their values and experience in the industry which sets them apart from the rest. We ensured to give their philosophy and expertise enough space in the limelight. Credibility gains lead, and New England Legal Search has bags of credibility.

Here at Up And Social, we enjoy the artistic process of web design, of taking a need and concept and transforming it into a site that you can be proud of. At Up And Social are experts in recruiter website design and marketing, and we gain a thorough understanding of each client’s business to produce the perfect end product. We pride ourselves on using responsive website design to create beautiful sites that deliver results. Besides recruiter website design, we serve industries including law, construction, dental, gym and box marketing. As well as web design, Up And Social also offers services in both social media and SEO. Book us today to learn more.

Recruiter Web Design Examples Presented To Client

I could not be more impressed and appreciative of the work performed by Up and Social and Scott Bishop to create my company’s new website. Getting a new look and a mobile-friendly website up and running has been a thorn in my side for years. With Scott’s gentle push and guidance, we got the job done quickly, painlessly and with a fantastic result–he is a pleasure to work with. I endorse Scott and Up and Social enthusiastically and without a single reservation–and I am not necessarily an easy customer!!


Linda Kline
President, New England Legal Search, Boston, MA

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